Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sweet sweet matrimony.

If you didn't read yesterdays post... do that here. I announced that I'll be spending this whole week to recap my entire wedding day. Beginning to end. Yesterday was the morning of, getting ready with my best friends, and having way too much fun!
Today, I'm going to talk about the ceremony...and just before that.

One thing I regret not telling my photographers about was the first time my dad saw me that afternoon. Once the clock hit 3, everything was right on schedule and my dad was told to meet me in the hallway right around the corner from the lobby. I was anxiously awaiting this moment because obviously, every girl dreams about this when they are little. My dad rounded the corner and instantly burst into tears. As did I... he walked over to me and we just hugged and he told me how beautiful I looked. It was such a special moment, and I'll absolutely never forget it.

As we were waiting around the corner...I heard the ceremony song start just as it should. My stomach was literally in knots. I was so excited. I had been waiting for this moment my whole life!

and then the grandmothers started to walk down...

The momma's!

Then it was time for my man to make his debut.

Then the beautiful bridal party trickled in, one couple at a time.

Oh heey precious boys.

Enter baby Gap models... ;)

....and this is the part where I come in.

You see, there were HUGE windows in the sanctuary of this church...so Caleb kept his head down and waited for Jared's signal to look up at me, and see me for the first time on our wedding day.

You guys, this next picture brought me to tears the first time I saw it.
That man loves me...and I am so lucky!

Enter the tears...again.

Finally. Relief. I saw him. We both shed some tears...and my dad gave me that sweet kiss on the cheek, almost as if  everything was right in the world, at that moment.

One thing I love about our ceremony (among ten million!) is that our pastor didn't face the audience...he faced us. He preached to US about marriage...but also involved the whole crowd in such a unique way I'd never seen done before. We are so blessed to know that man!

He also introduced us both individually, where we come from, what our hobbies are...what brought us together, and some funny stories. It made for some awesome laughs among everyone!

Among reciting the biblical vows to each other, Caleb and I wrote our own that we would hear for the first time. Talk about a hot mess, again!

..."so, 6 years later..." ;)

Caleb's vows were the perfect blend of emotional, and hilarious. Love that man!

Then was on to the exchanging of rings!

That was the first time that whole day that Caleb and I had to just...talk.
We had unity sand, rather than a candle...and had a few whole minutes to just be with each other.It seriously felt like no one was in the room but us.

He talked about how stunning he thought I looked, how he liked that I let my ears show, and how much he really loved the back of my dress. He told me I was about to become a "Magness", and he couldn't wait to call me wife.

I told him how handsome he looked, how perfect his crazy dark hair looked, how his one dimple stuck out a little more than normal, and that I couldn't wait to celebrate after the ceremony with all of our friends. I also remember I kept saying "Oh my gosh! We are like ALMOST married!!!!"

A few of my favorites from those few sweet moments we had together.

We were so close to becoming a MARRIED couple, I couldn't contain my giddiness.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife..."
Spicy kiss, might I add.

Then we played NEEDTOBREATHE, and ran back down that aisle happier than ever!

Love these pictures that are RIGHT after we just got married. Everyone is so stinking happy!

Caleb and I have amazing friends. I mean seriously. Any of those friends in our bridal party would drop anything to be there for us, and were so lucky to have them in our lives.

Like I said, our ceremony was beautiful. So perfect, and so us. I'm so lucky to have a Godly man who loves me for me.

Oh, and if you'd like to see a super hot bridal party... come back tomorrow. ;)


  1. This was beautiful! The emotions in the pictures were overwhelming and had ME crying! What a special day!!

  2. wow!!! what a wonderful ceremony - these pictures capture so much emotion I love it!!

  3. What a great day! I love the pictures where it looks like it's just the 2 of you in your own wonderful happy place!

    Your photogs captured great memories

  4. OMG his reaction to seeing you was so sweet! You are such a gorgeous bride!!

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  6. I still can't get over how happy you look in all of these pictures! It looks like it was a beautiful ceremony! And I love how all of your laughing pictures are followed by tissue pictures :-) I LOVE you dress!

  7. love everything about this- what a perfect day!!!

  8. And now i'm a crying mess. So much happiness shining through those beautiful photos friend. I would just look at them all day long. hehe Love you this big.

  9. Ahhhhh and now I'm crying like a complete and utter fool! You're gorgeous, your man is dashing and the ceremony looked spectacular! I love this so much and love all of the emotions your photographer captured (your photographer was AMAZING by the way)!!! LOVE everything about this post - lovelovelovelovelove! xo!

  10. yaya for recaps and pictures!!!!!!!!!! these are gorgeous!

  11. Ahh what a beautiful ceremony! I feel like I was there! And I must say, I am partial to the name Magness ;)

  12. I cannot take these! teary eyed and chill bumps. and your right in the picture where your dad give you a kiss its uncanny how much the boys look alike, esp from a distance. also super cool how the pastor stood.

  13. Perfect. Every last detail!!! :) I won't lie- that pic of Jared and Caleb 5-fiving is one of my faves hehe!

  14. I only know you because of your blog and I even got super teary eyed! I look forward to that day every single day. Thank you for sharing these precious moments!!

  15. OMG, the kids are the cutest ever! Your dress, your hair, all of it - you look stunning! I love the pic of Caleb seeing you for the first time, but I also love the very first one of him where it looks like he's taking a deep breath. And the one of your MOH laughing hysterically and you looking back at her - awesome.

  16. These. Are. Perfect! How is it possible for the pictures to get more beautiful every day?! Also, the pictures of you and Caleb talking behind the sand? The best.

  17. Nothing is better than seeing a man cry :) n-o-t-h-i-n-g!

  18. I love how most of those picture it looked like you were having the absolute time of your life! Laughing, smiling, tearing up... you obviously love your husband to death! =)

    I love that the photographer caught all those small (but big!) details! Like.. the high five between the brothers, and the moment when your husband saw you for the first time. Looooove these pictures!!

  19. Goodness. I was getting teary. The picture of his face looking at you got me.

  20. Shut up.

    Your dress.
    The gray suits.
    Those flowers.
    I'm obsessed with everything!

    The last pic just says it all. So happy for you, lady. Looks like it was an amazing day :)

  21. Love your pictures so far!! I also love that there is a picture of Erin checking out your groom to see his reaction. It's one of my favorite moments of weddings and I love that your photographer caught her :)

  22. The high five between the brothers is so awesome. I've told you before, but I really, really love Caleb's face when he first saw you. What an absolutely beautiful moment. I love that you two are just so happy to be together....true love right there!

  23. I love your entire wedding so far! I've been toying around with the bridesmaids each choosing their own dresses, and I loved the way it turned out for your ladies. As I said yesterday, your photographers were the bomb dot com! You looked stunning, as usual and I love the pictures during the sand ceremony!

  24. Yep I definitely just cried!! And hello, your back looks uhhh-mazingggg. So happy for you dear :)

  25. Awwww...this is so beautiful Kayla! So many sweet emotions. Love these. :)

  26. Love all the pictures! I had chills and almost happy tears (because I love seeing peoples weddings) Congrats congrats congrats again! :) I love all the pix. Simply beautiful lady!

  27. That expression on his face is the sweetest!! We also wrote our own vows...makes it very very special!

  28. I've been following you for a while now, but I don't think I have ever commented. I LOVE your dress!! It's given me a great idea of what I may want to try on someday! Your ceremony was beautiful and I love all the pics!

  29. Um, LOVE that high 5 shot. Seriously. I love all the emotion in your pictures. It shows the true meaning of that day <3

  30. You are so beautiful and you two both look stunning and so in love! And I am in love with your dress!!

  31. I'm tied between the one of him seeing you for the first time and the one of you both holding your arms up together after you're official for first place. So adorable!


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