Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Afterparty {part 3} - Dancing fools!

After the cake cutting was time for the dancing to begin.

Cue the first dance!

After that, it was time for my Dad to step in.

Framing this!
& then it was time for the mother-son dance! I am not eating the marshmallow fluff straight from the jar.... 

Then American Woman came on, and it was time for Caleb to take off the garter!

and guess who caught it?
My little brother. Awkward? Kind of.

Then came on Lady Marmalade, and it was fate. If you can spot Lyndsie, we were having a moment.
Do you spy my 83 year old great grandmother in the purple? She's a diva. Love her!

& just like that! My MOH caught the toss bouquet. That was a really fun moment for us!

Immediately after this, the DJ opened up the dance floor for everyone. Let me say, we have some friends who LOVE to dance.

My great grandma and I gettin down! She is crazy energetic, and I love it!
I will say, these young kids know how to boogie.

This is my beautiful friend, Devin. She means SO much to me and silently reads my blog. Heehee, Hi Dev!!
After about 30 straight minutes of jumping up and down, it was time to slow it down!

& then it was time to KILL IT on the floor again. & kill it, we did.

Not taken by photographers. But such a FUN shot of me and some of our groomsmen!

& just as the night was winding down...after nearly four hours of dancing, sweat, and new sister came up to me, and we just had a moment. We cried happy tears and just hugged, we were FINALLY family. I am so thankful for this gal, and love her so much.
Happy tears!

So thankful to have married into such an amazing family.

And folks, that concludes the wedding posts. You all are troopers for sticking around for not one, not even three, but SEVEN wedding posts. Our reception was just too darn fun to smash into one blog post. Anyway, I want to thank you all for every sweet word you've said!

Our big day truly was like our own little fairy tale and I'm SO thankful for all the fun we had that day.

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  1. I love these photos! You look so happy! And your dress! Gorgeous!

    Cheers and Congratulations,

  2. :) Such a fun night girlfriend- loved our MOMENT! Couldn't imagine life without you!!

  3. your great grandma is so precious. i love the pic you are going to frame of you and your dad. this just looks like a party I want to be at!!! so much love and happiness!!

  4. I realized as I am scrolling down and reading and looking at all the pictures I am smiling like a freaking LOONEY! So happy for you---it really does seem like the perfect day with the perfect pictures to prove it! Now...I am in need of some serious good dance songs. You definitely look like y'all had the good ones.

  5. That picture with your dad is definitely a framer! What was your first dance song?

    LOL that your brother caught the garter!

  6. such a beautiful wedding and great shots girl! had to get all caught up on the most recent wedding posts, and honestly gah, it really shows how all of you love each other. so, so awesome! and your grandma looks like such a fun lady!

  7. Looks like your reception was tons of fun!!! :-)

  8. This was a gorgeous wrap up to a wonderful string of beautiful posts. YOU, my dear, are beautiful... inside and out!
    And BTW... Christy caught my bouquet at my reception. hee hee gotta love those besties!

  9. These pictures are so great! But even better how happy all your friends and family are with you. You can't help but smile looking at these!

  10. Aw I'm sad these wedding picture posts are over. I have loved looking at them! What a perfect day!!

  11. I have loved reading and looking at the pictures of every one of your wedding posts! My favorite picture is the one of you and your friend Lindsey having a moment. LOVING it :)

    xo, Hima
    Hima Hearts

  12. why am i not surprised you had yellow shoes at your wedding? i mean your blog name might be a clue ;-) love these photos, they are way too cute and your dress is just stunning kayla!

  13. I loved reading these! Felt like I was basically ther ;)


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