Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I swear, I'm still here.

The fact that I don't have my computer hooked up in our home yet, doesn't help me at all. I was kind of upset last night because I couldn't work on my blog posts for the week, because the computer is basically in separate pieces in my car waiting to be put together, still.

Caleb said three words that slightly irritated me at first, but when I realized how true they are... I couldn't help but smile at him.
"They. Will. Live."

They, meaning you all. You avid blog readers of mine, looks like you all survived even though I wasn't able to get a  post together. I think I just needed someone to be brutally honest with me that sometimes its okay if I can't muster up a post... I mean, we DID just get married, and I'm not even fully moved into our home yet, and I'm still living out of my suitcase, with no computer, and no cord to get my honeymoon pictures off my camera...so I think you all will understand.
Thanks for being awesome.

Speaking of not being able to get my pictures off my camera... that means you're stuck with iPhone pictures!! Yaaaayyyy.

Let the weekend shenanigans commence! 
Friday was supposed to be a "lets clean our place (because its a hot mess)" night... but hanging out with some friends and one of our favorite little girls at Chipotle sounded MUCH more fun. Friday also officially started our married "Dave Ramsey Plan" to get out of debt. We are so angry with the amount of student debt we have and are ready to make a change. If you haven't heard of the envelope system, its amazing. Cash is MUCH more emotional and I tend to spend WAY less when I have cash rather than using my debit card. So it was VERY sweet of our friends to treat us to dinner this night. :)

Saturday, we slept in...and it was amazing. Then we had lots of "married people" errands to run, bill paying to do, etc. We made the most of it. It was our first official grocery trip together, and we saved a TON of money...no not with coupons, by shopping at Aldi! That place is amazing!

After grocery shopping, more errands, we had our favorites over for a game night... per usual, Erin and I were killing it at the chosen board game, we left the room for some girl talk... all the while, the boys were "stacking the deck" to make it harder on us. So naturally, they won. But cheating doesn't count, CARRIE! (sorry, King of Queens reference)

Sunday morning we went to church, caught up with lots of friends, stopped at a yard sale (or 4), then went home to eat PB&J's for lunch.

That evening we had a fun event planned with our youth group at a local park...and got a fun shot of everyone involved. I love these kids!

Hope to be posting about my AMAZING honeymoon by the end of the week.

Sorry guys, married life has just been too fun!!


  1. aldi is my favorite place. i try to get there once a month an stock up for about $50-$60. we then hit the normal target/walmart once a week for odds and ends or specialty items.

  2. Hiiii cute married lady!! Looks like y'all have been busy busy! And Michael has said something
    Like that to me before and I'm always offended haha!

  3. That sounds like a great being married weekend! I can't wait to see your pictures but you can take your time getting them up - we will be here :)

  4. Awww, I love that picture of US at game night. Oh wait. ;)

    Just kidding- love you lots SISTA!

  5. Sounds like you are adjusting to married life perfectly. I used to beg Derek to go grocery shopping with me, but he has never liked it and I have a "way" that I shop so now he just tells me what he needs and I am usually the one that goes, its just better that way haha.

  6. They will NOT live!! Haha...just kidding!! Everyone totally understands that you're going through a big transition phase of your life. Take all the time you need (but we have to be in contact at least 2 times a day..mandatory) I love King of Queens!! I used to watch it every day when I got home from work.

  7. Aldi's is my favorite place ever, we've saved so much money by going there! Plus LESS temptations! We'll survive, but barely. ;)

  8. We will live...but just barely. You don't even know my excitement level when I saw you posted! ;) Ha, But we can all get over it because you're marriiiiiiied!!

  9. oh my gosh! I love you 100x more because you quoted King of Queens. Michael and I have every single season on DVD. ahhhhh. And we all missed you but we know you are busy being all married and stuff. hehehe

  10. Hope y'all get settled in too.
    We'll definitely live! haha
    Married life looks good on you! ;)
    Excited to read about & see your honeymoon pictures!

  11. Those errands only seem to get less and less fun.. lol

    I literally HATE moving. It is the worst ever. At least only on of you moved this time? Just try to take it a few boxes a night, thats usually how I get through it. You'll be okay :)

  12. Oh girl, don't even STRESS it! It took me a good two weeks to get back into the swing of things. And then it took me even longer to actually blog about the wedding/honeymoon, cause exactly what you said - I was enjoying newlywed life :)

  13. I totally feel you with being frustrated you can't get on... Glad your back though:) looks like a bright sunny weekend! Your smile just lights up this blog- you gem you!!

  14. Yay, I'm so glad you're enjoying married life!

  15. Chicago Illinois! Ha, I got the mad lib.


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