Friday, May 10, 2013

Letta's to my fella's

Does that even rhyme? I'm totally an idiot. 

today...I am thankful.
Thankful for another FRIDAY, another weekend, and yet another day closer to marrying my dream boyyyy.

Saying the word dream boy made me think of my middle school crush;

Ahh Cory Matthews... those were the days.
I was so obsessed with both him and Topanga...I swore to my mom I'd name my first daughter after her....... that's totally normal, right?

Anyway... not sure how I strayed off topic there.
Today is set aside for "letters";

Dear Lyndsie, HOLY COW. You are graduating college tomorrow. I cannot wait to watch you walk across that stage and grab that diploma you SO deserve. It seems like yesterday we were in 7th grade, making our mom's take us to Steak & Shake, hoping to God our braces AND glasses didn't make us look dorky, and watching White Chicks on repeat while we ate marshmallow fluff with a spoon. I am SO incredibly proud of you, and who you've become... you are selfless, wonderful, and hilarious. So thrilled you'll be standing by my side on my wedding day to hold my bouquet, and to just be there like you always have. Love you!

Dear Caleb, thanks for the AMAZING home cooked meal last night. It was incredible. I guess it was technically the first meal you've made from scratch for us.... no microwave in your vocabulary ;) GO YOU! 

Dear carbs, why do you taste so good????

Dear Pinterest, I'm getting really sick of you motivating me to get my butt into shape... and then 4 seconds later, allow a picture of deep fried marshmallow oreos to pop up and leave my drooling on my keyboard. Rude!

Dear weekend, please last a long time.

Dear Miss Ashley, motivating each other to run lately has been fun. I am SO happy to have "met you" through this community of blogging months ago... lets PLEASE make this dream road-trip happen this year.

Dear Erin, making up new words for the dictionary was fun this week. Oh, also....e-mailing all day at the office makes my entire day, all the time. LOVE YOUR FACE!

Dear legs, thank you for carrying me those two+ miles last night. It's becoming much easier... :)

Dear photographers, can't wait for you to shoot our big dayyy!!

Dear wedding, oh hey... you're just like, two weeks ago. NBD!!!

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend... enjoy every minute!!!


  1. Wanting to name your daughter Topanga is TOTALLY reasonable. :)

  2. dear carbs, please let me eat you every meal and love me as much as i love you. happy weekend!

  3. happy two weeks! and so proud of you for continuing to kick buyt exercising!

  4. Yayyy 2 weeks eeek! :) I can't wait for Girl Meets World - I hope it's good!! Congrats to Lyndsie! Happy weekend :)

  5. please, please name your daughter topanga ;)

    so happy for you - you always make me wanna get my butt into shape and I CANNOT BELIEVE THE BIG DAY IS ONLY 2 WEEKS AWAY!!

  6. Seriously, how the heck did this wedding get here so fast?! Can't wait to partayyyy with you guys!!!! :)

    Lets start running together, and then eat carbs after?

  7. The picture with your beau above is a BEAUTIFUL shot! :)

  8. Two weeks, NBD! Ahhh!
    And, Topanga is totally reasonable. ;)

  9. Two weeks, what what!! I always hated the name topanga when i watched the show. Loved the show, but i hated her name with a passion, haha.

  10. Happy 2 weeks until your weeding day. ;-)

  11. Did you know that they are making a remake of boy meets world??? Its called Gilr meets world and its based off Corry & Topanga's daughter. AND the original Corry and Topanga will be in the show! I love that show and am SO excited to see the new remake :)

    Happy Friday! Cant believe your big day is so close! Such an exciting time in your life! :)

  12. Ahhhh it's getting sooo close to wedding time! Love me some Boy Meets World, can't wait for Girl Meets World!

  13. Yes! I own every season of Boy Meets World! Gave you some love on my blog yesterday!

  14. You are so close! That is so exciting!! And that last picture...oh my word amazing. Music Hall never looked better. :) P.S. I totally thought of you Thursday night because I scored free tickets to SISTER ACT and loved it!!!!

  15. I absolutely love our snap chats sessions that remind me to get up and DO something. You are too amazing for words my dear. So thankful for your friendship. Happy weekending. :) y'all's wedding is THIS month. Eap. Love you.

  16. That picture of you and Lyndsie is SO adorable. I haven't talked to you all weekend!!! We need to catch up tomorrow.


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