Friday, March 29, 2013

MY FAVES {March edition}

Well well well, here we are again... the last day of yet ANOTHER month. 
I'm sorry, but it feels like just last week my friends and I were ringing in the new year at Bob Evans on New Years morning stuffing our faces full of hotcakes and way too much powdered sugar, because (duh) new years diet resolutions don't kick in until January 2nd. 

I get so excited for the last day of every month (mainly because of Ashley's link up - buuuut also) because its ONE month closer to getting to marry that hunk I call Caleb ;) we are now officially 57 days away but who's counting!!!

Lets get to it!

#1. The fact that two of my greatest friends BOTH threw me amazing showers. Both so different, and both so equally fantastic! The decorations, the gifts, the FOOD (drool worthy!), it was all my favorite!

Shower #1!
Shower #2!
#2. My new adorable bracelets from miss Anna!! I will apologize in advance for the terrible quality, I had no picture of JUST them so I had to zoom and enhance what I could... take it ;) they are these adorable collapsable little pink and YELLOW bracelets, you could say I'm obsessed.

#3. My "housewarming" and "shower" gift's from Amanda! Seriously, look how cute this card is! It opened upwards with this beautiful quote, and it was too tiny to write on so I got a sweet attached note with it, along with some ADORABLE photo albums for our living room! :)

#4. My friends "advice card" from one of my bridal showers. It was awesome.

#5. Our wedding invitations that are about to be sent out, woo woo!

#6. The fact that Caleb and I are getting so involved with church. Last weekend before my bridal shower, I shot some pictures at a new video shoot for our church.

#7. J.T.'s new album! Holllaaaa.

#8. This cute shirt...but my wallet said "psstt- you're saving for a wedding! Remember?" Ohh the joys of window shopping.

#9. HAIRCUTS. Wooo. Thankfully.

#10. As always... this guy.

This is the shot my gorgeous Erin got blown up into a canvas for my bridal shower!! Its already hanging in the apartment.
So, what were YOUR favorite things in March!? Be sure to link up with one of my giiiirls; Ashley!


  1. Lots of good things happening in your sweet little life friend. I can't believe it's getting so close!!! Yay for invitations, showers, and getting to move into y'all's apartment very soon. Woohoo!!! Have a great Eadter weekend my dear.

  2. Your showers look like so much fun! And one should never underestimate the feeling after a much needed hair cut. ;)
    Hailey @ Love, Laughter and Lipstick

  3. Those are some great favorite things! That outfit in #8 is adorable. Have a great Easter with your family!! P.S. Thanks for being awesome - I always enjoy our email convos!!

  4. Where's that top from that you didn't buy?! I might go get it instead ;) Hehe!!

  5. You've had an exciting month! But getting ready for a wedding and marriage is full of excitement. :)

  6. Found your blog via a sweet little Friday Link Up! So happy to have stumbled upon it and I have to admit Yellow is one of my fav colors!!! Congrats on your approaching wedding and blessings as you prepare for this amazing day!!! I've been married to my mr. for almost 11 years (wowzers... that seems longer when I type it out) and have five littles who call me mama! Blessings to you!!!!

  7. Remember that one time you posted a picture of a purse that I wanted? Now you go posting a picture of a cute top I think I need! Haha.

  8. Both showers look like a total success!! The pic of you where you look super excited opening the present in the yellow tissue paper is my fave. So cute and genuine! Hope you got all that you wanted! Have a good weekend.

  9. Awe, I am loving all these wonderful shower pictures! And your sister-in-law did such a great job decorating! Hope you and the hubs to be have a fun weekend :) Yay... so soon until your wedding!

  10. It's been a good month! :) I'm so glad you love your bracelets! And your haircut looks great!

  11. Looks like a GREAT month!
    So excited for you girl! :)

    The invites are out!
    That's when you know you're close! ;)

  12. You have so much happy going on! I love it!

  13. It's April...the month before your wedding....can't you believe that?!?!?!?

    Ok...#8. Where is that shirt from?

    March was a GREAT month for you...right?! Love those awesome showers you had!

  14. Awh I love this post so much happiness! (:


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