Saturday, February 2, 2013


Unless you've been living under a giant rock, you know that this weekend is the SUPER BOWL!
Unfortunately, our Bengals couldn't make it this year. Sad, I know.

So, it looks like I'll be rooting for the San Fran 49ers. I mean, who could root for Ray Lewis? I think for every time he fake cries tomorrow during the anthem or at any other point, I get to treat myself to a cookie.

Sounds fair, right?

Caleb and I will be hanging with our soulmates (duh), and having a ball, per usual.

Some of the best times with these two are celebrating Bengal's wins, or crying together over a loss. We truly care, typically more than others. 

I remember the first few months Caleb and I were dating, I had always told him I'd wanted to go to a game but never had the chance too. So, I'll give you one guess at what my Christmas present was that year?

We were babies!
You guessed it. Center field, 14 rows back from the middle. I was ecstatic! We played the Lions, spilled hot chocolate on each other, and stuffed ourselves full with popcorn. It was magical.

Another reason you know the four of us love the Bengals? Well, my soulmate Erin got engaged on the bengals field. Whaaaat?! I know, right? & she currently holds Caleb's "dream job" of working for the Bengals in ticket ops. She is kind of amazing.

Here is too wishing you a safe & happy Superbowl full of chips, too many commercials, and Ray Lewis' tears.
K byeeeeeeee.


  1. engaged on the field?! yes, please. enjoy the weekend!

  2. haha sounds like you are ready for a great time!!

  3. i think you should get a few dozen cookies for all those ray lewis tears haha i'm so sick of them! i went grocery shopping with my roommates this morning for chips, dip, and taco ingredients so we are set! have a good weekend :)

  4. haha I will def play the ray lewis fake cry drinking game!!

  5. I live in New Orleans and the city is crazy right now with the Super Bowl today! I'm not really a huge football fan so I'm not sure who to root for... I think I'll just cheer for both teams :P

  6. I'm only looking forward to Beyonce, the commercials, & the food.

  7. I see everyone's statuses and I'm like....what is this game going on? :-) Noel's actually AT the game..and I'm at home catching up on Downton Abbey! Hah!

  8. That picture of the four of you in Bengal attire is seriously Marketing material commercial worthy! I love it! Hope ya'll had a fun party- that's a lot of cookies to add up! LOL

  9. I'm not much of a sports person, but we watched a bit of the game. We were not really rooting, but sort of for the 49ers since Hal's dad grew up there. Too bad though. :(

  10. His crying drives me crazy, too! Josh kept calling it the thug bowl last night, lol.

  11. Uhmm are we the same person? Out first Christmas story is exactly the same!


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