Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My thoughts on...

what other than the Super Bowl? & no... I'm not talking about the game.

We have lots to talk about, ladies. Yeah I know I know, everyone and their momma's are probably posting about this this week...oh wells ;) ... I know if you are anything like me you were screaming like the 5th grader inside of you would be proud to know when you saw Kelly Rowland and her hot bangs pop out of thing air and onto the stage... and then little miss Michelle to follow! and what do we have here? 


So many memories came flooding back to my at this moment in time... they brought the house down so hard the power went out! Just kidding... I bet someone actually will get fired for that, oops!

Back to the topic... they rocked it out. Brought me back to a few years ago when a friend and I actually sang Bills, bills, bills at a karaoke night. video to come... KIDDING.

aside from Beyonce's lack of clothing... her attitude was NOT.

Her crazy moves:

Poppin like craaaazy.

She was the definition of fierce. Love her or hate her (which, how can you?!) ... she is pretty awesome.

Know who else was pretty awesome?? Oh, I know you do...

THE INTERPRETER! This man was amazing, his teeth, his hair, his perfect tan. I mean... he basically MADE the Super Bowl.

Now... I may or may not have saved the best for last, because everyone seems to be forgetting about my girl J. Huds. Girlfriend needs no introduction. She is incredible, and look at her new hot bod!!

I could've done with a little less bangs, but she seriously sounded like an angel. Those little children singing were just too precious for words, too. I wouldn't have even minded her performing the Super bowl halftime show! Anything is better than Madonna last year!

Worst commercial of the night? Those stupid Go Daddy ones... I know you know what I'm talking about. I literally gagged my guacamole up and watched it like a bad car accident... I couldn't look away, however absolutely disgusted I and the rest of America may have been.

Best commercial?

The taco bell one with all the old timers having the TIME of their lives! Too cute, and yes.. that is me up there in 65 years!

Yes, I was very sad that the Ravens won... but honestly? I don't favor either team so to me, I'm good! I just can't wait until black and orange is plastered all over a stadium because the Bengals took over! Ahh, one day.

So there you have it, my thoughts on Super Bowl 2013... because I know you all were just dying to know. What was your LEAST favorite commercial? Please don't tell me I'm the only one who hated seeing that blonde woman eat that poor boys face for dinner. ?!?!

Happy Tuesday! Linking up with my ladies!

Helene in Between


  1. I was with you screaming inside when Kelly and Michelle popped out of that stage, my husband looked at me like wth!

    That go daddy commercial was just gross!

    JHud killed it! As did those children

  2. hahahahaha love this. love the beyonce pop- died over that. and of course the interpreter. yes!

  3. I died over Destiny's Child and listened to NOTHING but them on Spotify yesterday. Oh, junior high! Also, I was bummed the Ravens won too. Michael Crabtree went to my alma mater, so I was a niner for the night! But honestly, I was sad for like 30 seconds and then ready for bed, haha.

  4. Ok those gif's are actually almost scary hahahah! And I love me some J. Huds! She is rockin ;)

    Orange and BLACK, orange and BLACK! (yes, i'm chanting that!)

  5. i'm dying over the first one with her crazy moves. she looks hilarious, and was it just me, but i was waiting for the I don't think you're ready for this jelly? although not songs i necessarily would listen to now, certainly brought back lots of memories!

  6. i was waiting for a certain say my name song to be sung. but i'll take what i got.

  7. Love this post! And I'm still so mad that we were late to our party and missed mr. jersey shore wanna be. Conflicting reports are out, but Nola peeps are saying it was Beyonce who killed the lights. Worth it!! Now next year better be JT with an NSYNC reunion. Holla!

    That commercial was DISGUSTING. Did you know that they had to do around 40 takes? EW! I liked the kia commercial about babies. I want to live on that planet!

    PS - Now I'm off to search for a gif of when Queen B licked her finger and ran it down her chest. SAUCY!

  8. I'm with you on the worst commercial and the Taco Bell one was my favorite!

  9. Hahahaha i love those beyonce memes! she was working it! i got tired just looking at her crazy dancing! I was waiting for say my name as well but my roommate and I just continued the destiny child dance party during the blackout haha. gahh the godaddy commercial was the. worst. i read on msn they practiced it 67 times!

  10. I am right there with you on the commercials. I was hosting a party and only got to see a couple "live" but watched them all when I got home on my DVR (like a nerd). I did get to see the first Go Daddy one though because everyone was silently disgusting and all I could hear was the nasty mouth noises. I wanted to vomit too. Gross.

    And the Taco Bell one was hilarious! I also liked the Clydesdale one (totally made me tear up). Everyone thought the Doritos and goat one was hilarious but I just thought it was silly. I guess I just don't get it. haha

  11. Yeah that Go Daddy commercial was awful! I get sick just thinking about it!

  12. Can I tell you the saddest part of my night?? So my husband works in college ministry so we had a bunch of college students over to watch the game. I was LOVING Beyonce and super pumped about Destiny's Child. I kid you not there were multiple girls there who had no idea who Destiny's Child was... Sad day. I felt old- and I'm not. She rocked it out for sure. Go Daddy commercial = super scary and disturbing. Taco Bell was the real deal though. I hate fast food and especially taco bell, but I give them mad props for that ad.


  13. I literally watched 0 seconds of the Super Bowl. Butttt....I did watch Beyonce on Youtube later and she killed it. That first GIF is so hilarious, I had a hard time scrolling down. hahahahahahah!!!

  14. least favorite not sure.. but the Budweiser horse's were soooo sweet!!!

  15. I only watched half time and I was singing along with all the songs hoping my neighbors couldn't hear. :)

  16. ahh, i died when i saw destinys child back together....love them!

  17. Yes, yes, yes!!!...for the interpreter...lol! Loved your summary!

  18. OH MY GOSH. That Go Daddy commercial...WE WERE DYING!!!! So disgusting. But we had to laugh! I mean...it was just so awkward!


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