Monday, February 11, 2013

Favorite Valentines Day; by Ali

This is my beyond gorgeous friend, Ali. Her and I decided we'd do a blog swap today and talk about our favorite V-day memory with our men. I'll keep it simple; you're going to love her.


Kayla’s blog is one of my very favorites. When I
first came across it, I feel in love with the cute story between her and her fiancé, Caleb.
I mean, seriously. They are the cutest couple ever.
And now I am dying for their wedding time to roll around so I can witness (in
photos…) their perfect, special day!

Here is the story my very favorite Valentine's Day ever:

My husband and I got married during the summer of 2010. Soon after, I got pregnant with our first baby. We were ecstatic, and
couldn't wait to find out what we were having. We aren't one of those couples
that wanted a “surprise.” We wanted to know. ASAP. We scheduled an early
appointment to determine the gender of our baby, and that appointment fell right
on Valentine’s Day. 

I couldn't sleep the night before, and I laid awake thinking of the crib, the
blankets, the clothes, (the headbands), and everything else we would buy for
our brand new baby. Valentine’s Day morning, we woke up, got ready, and when it
was time- headed to our appointment. We were both nervous and so excited as we
sat in the waiting room. Finally, we were called back. We headed into the room
and prepped for the ultrasound. The nurse put the sensor on my belly and
asked, “So what do you think it is?”. Right away, I said, “boy.” And it was! I was right. I smiled. McKay smiled. We laughed, and we talked about how fun little boys

And then we walked out to the car and I cried... for an hour straight. Of course, I was happy- but all my dreams of pink nurseries and ruffles and bows were completely dead. I cried because I was
worried about telling my family (who had already bought headbands and baby girl
clothes). I cried because I had always imagined a little girl and I didn't
know how to be a mom to a little boy. And then I cried because I felt terrible
that I was crying in the first place. 

We called my mom (who wanted a boy anyways) and then we drove to a parking lot and talked. McKay, probably trying not to laugh, hugged me and told me to look in the backseat. There were two tiny boxes. One with a cupcake in it (from my favorite place in the world), and one with things he had
picked from my favorite little boutique. I smiled and hugged him a lot. Next
came the best part: he said we were going to go shopping for some baby clothes!
We took the half-our drive to the mall and picked out the very first outfits
our little Jax ever had. And then I got really, really excited we were having a baby boy. The very first thing I found was a plaid shirt that was just like the shirt McKay wore when he proposed to me. It was the best Valentine’s Day of my life.

Oh and just for the record, boys are way better than girls! 

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    I just wanted to personally say thank you for giving me the chance to win a Kindle Fire!! I was so excited and gave you all a shout-out on my blog today! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!! :-)

  2. This is SO cute. What a great day to find out the sex of the babie. I'm pretty sure if I have a boy first I'll end up crying just like that in the parking lot.

  3. I love Ali's blog! This is the cutest V-day story. Heading over to read your post now!

  4. Awh so sweet! Thanks for sharing Ali!!

  5. Love both of you AND your blogs!!!

  6. omg, this is so cute, ali. LOVE THIS. love that you ended up loving your little boy, which is so evident through your posts!!! love both kayla's and your blogs!

  7. this was a great idea! such cute stories!!! :)

  8. Warms my heart! just darling...


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