Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Drool alert.

Since its the week of love...

Yesterday I was on Ali's blog about my favorite Valentines Day everrrrrr, it reminded me of how awesome it is to have a man who can cook so well.
If you didn't happen to read what was on Ali's blog... I talked a little bit about the amazing seafood lasagna he made for me. I know what you're thinking, seafood lasagna?!?!! But no, there is NO red sauce in it. None allowed!!

& yes, we each made one on vacation for my family (this was a few short days after he proposed...!!!)

Yeah the recipe called for a whoooole lotta onion!

We had so much fun baking together that night. Hopefully its always that fun! It got me thinking about my favorite foods of ALL TIME. Since food is basically the way to my heart, & since Insanity won't allow me to eat TOO much of my favorite greasy/fatty foods, this blog post will have to suffice:

Obviously, ice cream. Preferably in the following flavors; peppermint stick, cake batter, chocolate chip cookie dough, mint chocolate chip, oooor cookies and cream.

Duh, chicken wings. In buffalo, or sweet bbq. Is your mouth watering yet!??!?

OMGGGG. Chick Fil A chicken nuggets. I truly believe these are sent from heaven. Add a little polynesian sauce and I've got it made.

Crab legs. Okay now I'm about to cheat on my "diet"... I was all over these like nobody's business. If you look closely, I even have some crab meat on my chest. Really?!

Cinnamon rolls. I'm not sure how you CAN'T love these.

In case you didn't get the hint up there... our amaazing seafood lasagna. MMM!

Again, with the ice cream...

& I may or may not have saved the BEST for last....

Cream cheese wontons!

My goodness. Enough with the food! I'm gaining weight just looking at all of it.
Happy FAT Tuesday everybodddyyy.. Stay healthy ;)


  1. all this food is making me hungry!! it looks delicious! and yes, a man that can cook is sexy!

  2. I've never heard of cream cheese wontons but they sound delicious and i'm definitely going to be on the hunt for them now!!

  3. Good thing its fat tuesday ;) I actually love crab wontons, maybe almost the same??? New follower :)

  4. Good thing its fat tuesday ;) I actually love crab wontons, maybe almost the same??? New follower :)

  5. Oh goodness talk about a yummy post and on fat Tuesday! I love this! That lasagna looks amazing, and cream cheese wantons...YUM!

  6. haha the crab meat on your chest!! that perfectly displays how delicious it really is.

  7. Totally feel ya on favorite foods!!! I'm not a hamburger or chicken wing gal so that saves me "a bit" but still, there's plenty that could go inside this mouth while fasting for Bridals on Sunday!! UGH! Oh the pain of a wedding ;) haha... we can have a bidge online party AFTER the wedding right?!

  8. Food is such a bit part of my life! I don't like any sea food, but I'm right there with you on cinnamon rolls and seriously who doesn't love chick fil a nuggets? I work right next to one and it's hard to not always eat there.

  9. Ugh, I'm hunnnnnngry. You forgot buffalo chicken dip and/or crack dip. JUST Saying ;)

  10. Yummmmm! Love everything you listed! Making me hungry....

  11. and i'm fixing pancakes for dinner..... that lasagna looks amazing, are you willing to share the recipe?

  12. Why did you do this to me??? I'm so hungry and need to go to the grocery store, so I'm nomming on these goldfish to keep me going :-)

    That seafood lasagna actually looks really good.

    And you would fit right in with the boys...they do love them some Chick fil a nuggets as well :-)

  13. My mouth is literally watering!! I want ALL o the above and my silly gluten intolerance says no to almost all of them. FAIL. But I can still have mint chocolate chip ice cream!!

  14. You are so cute! All of the food looks amazing, especially those wontons!!!


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