Tuesday, December 11, 2012

My man

Can I just take a minute to brag on this guy?

picture: my 20th birthday night.
He sings to me.
He treats me well.
He is joyous.
He loves picking flowers out of McDonalds drive thru garden for me.
He drives me to Dairy Queen when I need it.
He buys me mason jars from yard sales.
He appreciates me.
He prays for me.
He buys me dollar store candy canes.
He appreciates my weird love of yellow, even though he totally doesn't get it.

But you know what?

I also deal with his love of vintage action figures.
The way he buys and resells like nobody's business.
How excited he is over a box of new baseball cards.
I appreciate his love of music.
The times we people watch in Walmart together.
I live for these kinds of moments with him.

I am going tomorrow to get fitted for my wedding dress, and while thinking about it tonight, it really overwhelmed me-- Holy cow. I am officially choosing THE DRESS I will be starting my forever with Caleb in. Its exciting, giddy, but extremely intimidating. I am going to be a wife. Will I measure up to the standard? All I can do is hope so, and try my hardest.

I just got a text from Caleb, telling me he is selling almost his entire collection of brand new blu-rays (which is a TON), to treat me to a honeymoon I deserve.

God, how did I get so lucky?
Praying you all have a fantastic week :)

Helene in Between

First time doing Helene's tell me about it tuesday, but apparently.. ANYTHING GOES. ;)


  1. Seriously, Lady Luck loves you, girlfriend!!! You and Caleb are such a fabulous couple {I speak since I've interacted with y'all in person and all..} and are so blessed to have found each other. Come on, May 2013!!!

    XO Happy Tuesday, love!

  2. what a lucky girl and a lucky guy to have you. both of you look so sweet together. how exciting Kayla! and yes, you will be a great wife. He already is head over heels for you, it can only get better from here, right?

  3. what a sweet post! you guys are so stinking cute (I am totally posting about my guy tomorrow) :) And love that you linked up, but you did spell my name wrong...hahahaha

  4. oh. my. god. i just giggled a little, "He loves picking flowers out of McDonalds drive thru garden for me." that is so cute!

  5. You've got yourself a keeper :) Can't believe y'all are getting snow, kayla!!!! I'm SO FREAKING jealous right now. I'm in Jackson, Miss. so you know we aren't getting any snow! Haha!!

  6. He's selling his blue rays???!!! He's a keeper!

    I can't wait to see your beautiful dress. You are going to be such a lovely bride. :)

  7. What a sincere heart felt post. It is such a joy to love someone and to be loved back by that person<3 I hope dress shopping is a good experience for you!

  8. The people we can watch in Walmart!! Love this entire post!

  9. This is so sweet! You have to show us THE dress! And the story of how the heavens opened and the angels started singing the moment you put it on

  10. I love this post! It sounds like you have so much fun together which is what it's all about! & Caleb sounds like a total keeper, so go you!

  11. sweetest post ever! he is a keeper girlie!! so exciting about your dress!! xoxo

  12. Love this, marriage is a beautiful thing :) Visiting from Tell me about it tuesday

  13. Ohhhh congratulations!!! It sounds like you have a great bond sealed with love and understanding!

  14. what an adorable photo! you guys seems so sweet together. what a keeper with the honeymoon huh!

    i have nominated you for a liebster award...


    would love to see what you have to say


  15. New follower here! I found you from your guest post on Southern Living, Our Way, and you just have the cutest blog!

  16. Hey girl! I found your blog through Alexa's and I'm a new follower! :) Y'all are such a cute couple! I can't imagine how exciting it will be to try on and pick out a wedding dress :) I hope you find the perfect one!!!! Also my boyfriend and I LOVE to people watch at Wal-mart too :) haha so glad to know we aren't alone!


  17. he's a keeper! love that he picks flowers for you from the Mc D's drive through. that's awesome!

  18. Aww!!!! I love the McDonald's flower-picking! hahahaha. You two are seriously the CUTEST! I can always tell how in love you are! Can't wait to see you in that dress!

  19. Just found your blog - what a darling post.. you and your guy are TOO CUTE :)

    Pearls & Paws

  20. SO SWEET! You're so lucky to have found the man of your (and most women's) dreams!! :)


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