Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Ladies, meet Alexa!

Hi ladies, my new friend Alexa and I are blog-swapping for the day... and I don't think either of us could be more excited about it. She's one of my new favorite friends I've met through blogging. I mean, the girl is gorgeous, funny AND southern.. who couldn't love her? So please (if you don't already follow along with her) take a minute to say hello to this gorgeous gal! ;)


Hi, My Kind of Yellow readers! I'm Alexa and I'm the crazy Southern girl behind the blog Southern Living, Our Way. I have a handsome husband with whom I still enjoy "newlywedhood," an adorable dog who makes tons of blog appearances {and is terrified of refrigerators; to say we have our hands full is an understatement...}, and a life that's often hilarious and always awkward. I hope you'll hop on over and follow along!
Hubby and I honeymooned in Napa, CA. I highly recommend it. #drunkasaskunk
Now, is it too early to be talking about New Year's resolutions, seeing as how it's only December 12th? I mean, we get mad at people for talking about Christmas before the eat-your-weight-in-food holiday has passed. {Thanksgiving, for those of you who maybe ooze self control when fattening casseroles are on your table. I'm obviously not in your camp.} But, really, let's all admit that we start thinking about our New Year's resolutions way before the holiday season starts. Perhaps it's because with only a a few months left in the year, we don't see a purpose starting something now. I mean, October through October is so psychologically dissatisfying, but something you do while the calendar is in the same year? SUCCESS! Or perhaps you don't make New Year's resolutions at all. I bet you're the same person who doesn't eat delicious casserole, so I'll deal with your shenanigans another day.

All that to say, I always make New Year's resolutions, even if it's something as simple as convincing myself, "2013 is going to be even better than 2012!" If you dream it, you can achieve it. {A wise person once said that. I have a feeing it was Dr. Seuss, because he's the King of Wise Quotes.} 
But this year my New Year's resolutions are in a more tangible, achievable form, things I can literally cross of my list and feel proud about accomplishing. So, in no particular order, here's what my 2013 goals:

Read one book per month
This one was actually my non-bookworm husband's idea, and I was quite impressed! I have an English degree, so naturally I'm a book nerd, but 2012 was a busy year {We kinda sorta did that whole "getting married' thing ;)} so I didn't read as many books as I would've liked. So, starting 1/1/13, Glenn and I are each reading one book per month! Bonus points: I already chose my books from January through July...
Yes, I know, I know, I've never read the Harry Potter series! I'm a non-fiction gal, so I never ventured into the world of Hogwart's and Dumbledore and Accio! But 2013 is finally the year.
If I hate the first one, I reserve the right to switch to memoirs, because those are my jam. 

Keep my house tidy
"Tidy" gives me more wiggle room than "clean" or "spotless," right?! I'm about to read The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin, and I'm hoping the excellent reviews are true! Reviews like, "My house is clean every day, even though I have 2-year-old triplets!" and "I never have dishes in the sink, EVER!" Joke. Those aren't legit, but from what I've heard about THP, they well could be. Here's to dog-hair-free floors and kitchen counters not junked in mail!

Go for a walk {almost} every day
Not for exercise, though that's important, too. But I'd like to go for a walk every day to clear my head and appreciate things I too often take for granted ~ colorful changing leaves, a beautiful new flowerpot on my neighbor's porch, the lovely neighborhood park I've never even set foot in. Plus, this nutso energetic dog I call my daughter will certainly appreciate my resolve to wear her out on the reg. I'm also pretty sure she has a crush on that Labrador across the yard.
Go on "blates"
#s***bloggerssay.  So far, I've been on approximately one blog-date and it was awesome. Living in a huge-to-me city like Charlotte, NC, there are so many local bloggers who I'd love to get together with; it's just a matter of extending the invitation. For my personal growth, and to prove to myself that I'm an extrovert and can be a go-getter, I am sucking up any potential awkwardness or creeperness and sending out some hey girl heyyyys to my fellow Charlotte ladies!

Send cards, snail-mail style
Maybe this one sounds silly, considering it's {almost} 2013 and email is the bizz. But don't lie, you love receiving snail mail as much as I do! There's nothing like opening the mailbox and finding an adorable card with a puppy on the front, sent to me from my Mimi, simply because she was thinking of me. I also simply think of my friends and family often, but now instead of texting them, I'm gonna head to Target {any excuse to go to Tarjay, amirite?!}, buy an adorable card, fill it with warm-fuzzies, and send it their way.  :)

What are your New Year's resolutions? Or do you not "eat casseroles"...? Whatever 2013 holds for you, my wish is that it's as wonderful as can be! {We all know Kayla's 2013 will be great, what with her becoming a Mrs. to that handsome boy and all!}
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  1. love both of you guys!!! and love these resolutions. I need to start thinking of some of my own, but I will definitely be stealing some of these!!

  2. Oh, so fun to meet new bloggers. A fear of refrigerators is so odd. Poor pup. ;)

    This sounds just like my resolution list. I MUST clean more and exercise more. More blates would be pretty awesome too!! :)

  3. You will NOT hate Harry Potter. Impossible.

  4. These are all fabulous! Blates are SO fun!

    Great guest post! And Kayla, I'm a new follower!!


  5. She is adorable :) as are you! Loving your blog!

  6. looks lovely :)


  7. I love these so much! Especially reading one book every month and sending snail mail! Such awesome ideas! These are great resolutions. And she is darling! :)

  8. i adore snail mail! i was so proud to send out Christmas cards this year because who doesn't love getting something other than bills in the mailbox!


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