Thursday, November 15, 2012

my thursday thoughts

Photo: Seriously going to buy these at my next eye exam! It's time for a FUN & crazy change (since I won't touch my hair much)! Yay!

To buy, or not too buy? That is the real question on this Thursday.

Since I am a big girl now, with a real job, with benefits and insurance.... MY OWN insurance, mind you... I kind of want to celebrate and bring back the cat-eyed glasses. Or are they already "back"? Either way.. whatever. I want them. Gotta have them ;)

I know I may not look as AWESOME in these glasses as those hotties in the magazines always do, but... I'm the type of girl, that if I like something... I'm gonna buy it. Even if I look silly.

Take these mustard pants for example; Caleb can't stand them. He claims they look nice on me, he just hates pants that aren't jeans (he is crazy). Let me rephrase that, he thinks they are "silly" and claims "fashion is so weird." ....goodness, I love him.

But do I care? Heck no. I rock those bad boys at LEAST 4 times a year ;)

Which brings me to my point...

I wish that people did more in life that truly made them happy, instead of what makes them feel "cool". It breaks my heart to see people do something that makes them unhappy just because its easier to pretend. Or when people act different around certain people because they want to maintain a good reputation. You know what I think? Its crap.

You know what, friends? YOU are unique, YOU are quirky, and YOU are beautifully made, by a God who wants you to embrace who He made you to be.

If you're happy? Do a jig. You're craving sweets? Get yourself a stinkin' Ben & Jerry's pint. You're feeling sad? Rent The Notebook and invite your best friend over only if she promises to bring chocolate.

Whatever it is that makes you happy in whatever situation you are in, PLEASE... do it. Just be you. I promise you will have the time of your life, being no one other than you.

Guess what else? The weekend is ALMOST here!


  1. LOVE this post! And umm have you read my blog? Me being me all the way, baby, no holds barred!! And that makes me hap-hap-happy! :) This is just the pick-me-up I needed today. Thanks, girl!

  2. I love the glasses! and you deserve them!

  3. you totally rock those cat eyes!! love them!

  4. you are so cute...keep rocking those mustard pants. and your glasses are super lovely. they remind me of cat's eye glasses, which i absolutely love! :)

  5. i have those same pants and I wore them once with a polka dot shirt and my husband called my outfit "silly" He couldn't believe that many people commented on my post and liked it. you can't trust men! :)

  6. Hah!! You are great, Kayla.

    The cat eye glasses and the mustard pants get a thumbs up from me!

  7. You are such a hottie-- even though you KNOW my thoughts on those glasses ;)

    Thanks for always being YOU. YOU are perfect!

  8. Love you in glasses!! Cannot wait for the weekend!! xoxo

  9. i needed this post. love you, friend!

    (oh, and LOVE the glasses. you look great in them.)

  10. I love this post. This is just what I needed. :)

  11. lol!!! My husband doesn't get my yellow pants either. What do boys know anyway?? I love them and I'm gonna wear them. At least I'm not alone since you wear them too!

    P.S. You look so great in those glasses. I'm having a hard time finding the perfectly nerdy chic pair for myself.

  12. I say rock the mustard pants any day you want to ;)

  13. hahaha oh my gosh I love this. I SOOO agree with you! There are so many things I wear and buy that McKay hates (like Uggs...which I wear all the time). Guys are so funny with their opinions lol. I love those glasses on you, by the way! So cute!

  14. I've just nominated you for The Versatile Blogger award, check my post out for details xo

  15. "by a God who wants you to embrace who He made you to be." <-- Very well-written.


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