Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Currently {June} Back to Reality!

I'm baaaaack! Vacation was so awesome! The week away from reality was much needed, but I'm still working on getting back in the swing of things over here in my world! I've made almost no time to recap our trip, so I'm hoping I can find time for that this week!

In the meantime, it's time for one of my favorite link ups - Currently with Anne and Erin!

Planning || my life. Seriously, so much going on over here. I always feel like I could use a vacation after my vacation, but it's true! I'm beat! Although I'm a little exhausted, Caleb and I have some to-do list items to take care of! Creating a new Summer budget, saving saving saving, meal planning, etc.!

Wishing || That there were a few more hours in the day. I hate getting home and feeling like my evening is already over. Time just goes too quickly!! I need to get better at prioritizing and making the most of those few short hours Caleb and I get together after a long day of work!

Learning || That I am not Superwoman. I cannot do "all the things" every single day, and I'm learning to give myself more grace when necessary (which, lets be honest, is a lot of the time)!

Browsing || All of your wonderful blogs. Trying to catch back up on everyone's!

Going || be insanely busy until next Saturday. Let me lay this out for you. We have an out of town wedding this Saturday, another out of town wedding Sunday, then we come back that night around midnight most likely. Then Monday-Thursday next week Caleb and I are helping out with our church's annual Sports Camp after work every day...AND next Friday we'll work a half day at our day jobs then head to photograph another wedding! The only thing that is getting me through that craziness is the fact that after the wedding next Friday, we have EIGHT STRAIGHT WEEKENDS OFF. DID YOU HEAR THAT?!?! EIGHT!!!!!! I am so incredibly, unbelievably excited. Photographing weddings is something that brings me a lot of joy, but I am so excited for the first time in years to have a REAL SUMMER! We will have so much more freedom to do whatever we want - it's going to be glorious!!

I'm hoping to be back tomorrow with a vacation recap, and then hopefully I'll be back in my regular blog routine like I used to be. Thanks for sticking w/ me through the crazy! ;)


  1. We literally wrote the same thing for "wishing" LOL I definitely hear you on doing ALL the things as well! So glad you guys had a great vacation and that you'll have 8 whole weeks of downtime - so soon!!!!

  2. YESSSS to the 'wishing' category. I always struggle with this, but more so in the winter when the sun goes down at like 4 lol. I am always a little bit more productive in the summer when it stay daylight a lot longer. WOO HOO for 8 weeks off!!!!! That is incredible!!! Can't wait to read your vacation recaps!

  3. Yes to more hours in a day! So glad you had a fabulous vacay, always so refreshing <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. Hang in there for the craziness of the next couple weeks! I'm sure having all that downtime ahead of you is keeping you going :)

  5. I feel like if there is any silver lining in the crazy it's that you get 8 weeks off! I mean... hello awesome!

  6. Yay for real summer! Those weekends off will help with adding a few extra hours to the day :)

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  8. Holy cow, you have a busy week coming up!! Have fun and hope you have lots of coffee!! :) It will be so worth it to be able to have those weeks of relaxation!


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