Thursday, May 18, 2017

Operation: get rid of our junk!

Spring Cleaning just rocks. Plain and simple. Although the majority of our latest weekends we have spent working at weddings, the ones before that were full of Spring cleaning. Here I talked about how we already threw away SIX tubs worth of stuff and donated over 3 huge trash bags of clothes, and we've been taking little steps here and there to minimize our overall amount of "stuff".

Caleb and I actually rent our current home and while it's not always ideal, it's what has worked for us so far. Our lease is up this year, though, so we are beginning to have the conversation of what will come next for us and our living arrangements. One thing we do know is we want the LEAST AMOUNT OF JUNK as possible when it's time to move!

So I'm going to be applying Emily Ley's Simplified Challenge to our home again the next month or two! I don't know about you, but getting rid of stuff just feels GOOD, right? I always love how simple the prompts are, but by the end of the month my life just feels cleaner and so much more manageable.

I love how simple her challenges are, yet they bring the most amazing results and seriously make you feel like a cleaning boss! Anyone else want to join me? ;)

Hope you have a fun day ahead! We have some family coming over tonight for a game night and I'm making some delicious food! I love getting to cook for other people -- I'm having flashbacks of 2013 Kayla who was afraid to prepare anything other than cereal. Oh how far I've come, and still have a looong way to go! ;)


  1. I just followed her challenge off and on at the beginning of the year, but I could always do it again! You can never be too organized or purge too much in my opinion lol. Have so much fun tonight!! :)

  2. I must have my own challenge then because I think our trash people hate us as we are still getting rid of stuff a year later! But it does feel sooo good! I donate a lot to the VVA as they come and pick up from the porch and you get a tax receipt.

  3. Good luck! I randomly get into cleaning moods where I want to throw everything away. I already have so little anyway though that sometimes I get annoyed when I want to get rid of stuff/deep clean & don't really have anything to get rid of. I do have a big trash bag full of clothes waiting to be donated!


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