Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A few things lately

I don't quite have the brain power this morning to whip up an entire post dedicated to one thing (and lets be honest, with vacation so close my brain is basically mush at work), so this is what you get today. Some random things that have been going on lately!

1 || I got my first legit salon pedicure last night and guys, it rocked. I am SO ticklish, so I was really nervous, but I somehow managed to survive and not kick my nail tech in the face. I'd call that a win!

2 || My Dad and Amy came over for a game night last week (they hadn't ever seen our town home) so we whipped up a healthy dinner and hung out for a while! They also surprised me with a pre-vacation gift full of awesome goodies!

3 || My new cheap hat for vacation. Can you ever have enough pineapples? No. The answer is no.

4 || Shopping for my nephew is officially the best thing ever. I mean, HOW DO I NOT BUY THE WHOLE STORE?!?! Seriously, someone teach me.

Have a fun Wednesday! We're halfway through the week!


  1. I can go crazy shopping for my nephew, too. It's just all SO CUTE!

  2. Love the pineapple stuff...just don't put one on your front porch ;)

    Where are you headed on vacation again?

  3. All that pineapple stuff is adorable and perfect! Can never have too much. :)

  4. What a fun pre-vacation gift! Congrats on not kicking the nail tech in the face! I'm super ticklish too & was worried about something like that happening my first time ha.

  5. That pre-vacation gift was so thoughtful!! I always laugh so hard when I get a pedicure. I am so ticklish. It's embarrassing!! Ha!

  6. The first picture of you is adorable! Woo hoo for pedicures!!!! And how sweet is your dad?!?! You know I am already loving all of that pineapple stuff, so cute!!!


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