Monday, February 6, 2017

Great tacos, better friends.

Friday I had a fun evening out at Olive Garden with a few ladies from church to celebrate a soon to be momma of 3! We "sprinkled" her with diapers/wipes and some cute little girl outfits :)

 Caleb went to play basketball with some friends on Saturday, so I did some editing while jamming out to some music for HOURS. As in, the 3 hour playlist I created? Yeah, I heard a few songs twice...which means I listed to the playlist in its entirety, ha!

Early in the day, we got a text-invite from our good friends, Josh and Marie, to see if we wanted to come by that evening (along with my Aunt and Uncle). Somehow the stars aligned and we were all able to make it to their new home - about 45 minutes away. After dinner Josh even said "I can't believe I just randomly texted all of you this morning to make plans, and now you're in my living room!". We haven't seen Josh and Marie (and their amazing little gals, Nora and Charlie) since my birthday last August, so it was awesome to spend some time together. They made the tastiest tacos (pork + pineapple salsa + feta cheese); holy deliciousness! Marie - I need that recipe!

The night was full of long conversations about anything and everything. Nora and I put on a "show" for everyone and sang a few songs because she was too nervous to sing by herself, she called me her best friend in the entire world, and told Caleb multiple times "I'm your girl, Caleb" I MEAN?!!?! Melt my stinkin' heart.

Sunday, we had a morning photography consultation, so sadly we missed church, but it paid off because the sweet couple booked! We talked for nearly two hours in a crowded Starbucks (the Bride is a fellow lover of skydiving and donuts, so you could say we were fast friends)! We spent the rest of the afternoon lounging around before hitting up my in-laws for a homemade pizza bar and the Superbowl. I have to say, I'm sad the Falcons couldn't pull out a win, but it was a great game to watch! Also I LOVED Lady Gaga's halftime performance. As crazy as she used to be, she kept it somewhat modest and girlfriend has incredible pipes.

I hope you all had a fun weekend and aren't TOO sleepy this Monday morning! Enjoy your week, friends!


  1. Yay for the couple booking with y'all!!!! Olive Garden, tacos, and a homemade pizza stomach is growling and it's only 9am LOL. Sounds like y'all had a great weekend and we're able to get a lot done and see a lot of friends/family. Those are the best weekends!! :) Also, Nora is adorable!

  2. I love that you have on your Bengals sweatshirt. Stay loyal my friend :)

  3. Gaga has been one of my favorite performances thus far!!

  4. That picture is too darn cute. Congrats on another booking - you guys are doing awesome!

  5. Sounds like a really fun weekend! Congrats on the booking!

  6. That's great that the couple booked! And what a fun dinner with friends!


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