Monday, February 27, 2017

Another fun, but busy weekend!

Friday evening we had no real plans, but we wanted to drop something off at Erin & Jared's house quickly! So we stopped by, then they asked us to stay for dinner (so sweet!) which turned into a full blown game night! We loved it and had such a blast!

Saturday morning Caleb and I got ready for a wedding we had been really excited for! It was in Lawrenceburg, IN (which was surprisingly less than an hour drive), and Libby, the bride, was a sister of one of our previous brides. She said that choosing us to photograph her wedding was a no-brainer, and we couldn't have been more excited!!

It was COLD outside - but these ladies were troopers!!!

That adorable couple on the right is Katie and Seth, and we photographed their wedding a few years ago! Libby, the bride, is Katie's younger sister. I was beyond excited when I found out Katie & Seth welcomed a sweet baby boy into the world just 6 little weeks ago! How precious is he??!! My heart was honestly so happy all day! This family is the sweetest! Caleb and I get so much more from wedding days when the families are so accommodating and friendly all day. They made us feel like part of the day, not just "hired help" :) we're so grateful!

Sunday, after church, I did some serious grocery shopping and did some meal prepping. I pre made taco salad for lunches and tonight plan on pre-making more meals so we can stay on track throughout the week! We've slipped up a bit the last couple weeks, not doing terribly, but that always seems to happen when we're working a lot. I'm remembering to give ourselves some grace and just try harder the next week!

Hope everyone has a good Monday! Make it a great one!


  1. I'm glad Friday night dinner and games happened on a whim!! :) And these pics are all so pretty! That bride's dress is FABULOUS.

  2. Kayla your pictures are SO beautiful (as always) and her dress is gooooorg!

  3. Great pictures! Spontaneous dinner/game night sounds like a blast!

  4. What a stunning wedding dress! I love that you photographed her sister's wedding too, how cool!

  5. It's been too long since I"ve had a good game night as part of my life :) Sounds like fun!

  6. YES! I had 2 pairs of black skinnies that I rotated at work a LOT, plus a pair of black non-skinny dress pants. I always hoped people didn't judge ;)

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