Monday, November 21, 2016

Thankful for our weekend!

First I just have to say, YAY for a short work week! I'm very thankful to work for a company that allows me to not only have Thanksgiving off, but also Friday as well! I plan on spending LOTS of time relaxing.

I mentioned it last week, but Caleb and I started leading a Young Adult group within our church (for seniors in HS to age 24). This is more of a transitional group for the teens leaving youth group (which we actually help lead, too, so it'll be fun to see them grow) and going into adulthood/working/college life! Friday was supposed to be our first meeting, and we got some unfortunate news that our original plans would no longer work (a bonfire near woods with dry air and a burn advisory in the county do NOT make for ideal conditions). Instead of freaking out, Caleb and I decided to make the best of it and come up with Plan B. He had the brilliant idea of having a low key pizza night (where he also hosted my birthday surprise) in the party room at Donatos! Everyone loved it and a few of us even went across the street to Starbucks afterward. We spent a total of 4ish hours talking with everyone about life, their situations, their jobs, and just excited to grow in community together!
YAY for my first red cup of the season. I don't go there often so I was excited

My personal goal for this first meeting was for at least 10 people to show up, well, including Caleb and I, we had 13. It was so fun to hang with all of these awesome people. They have some amazing ideas for our group and we can't wait to see it all come together! We've invented "Frismas" (Friendsgiving/Christmas) that we're planning in a few weeks and cannot wait for! It is awesome to have a new community of people to spend time with, and grow in community with!

Saturday was a good mix of sleeping in, relaxing ALL DAY (it was amazing, seriously), and spending time with our best friends in the evening. It was Jared's birthday and so we planned a game night with he and Erin! It's always so fun and I'm so thankful we've made sure to continue with our tradition of game night over the years!

Sunday we heard an amazing message at church about us all having unique talents/abilities that we can "bring to the table", which was so perfect for the upcoming holiday! After church, we headed to Caleb's parents for a Thanksgiving/Birthday/Bengals celebration; unfortunately we didn't stay more than a couple hours because Caleb wasn't feeling very well. We're hoping its just a quick virus that he can shake soon! Sadly, the Bengals loss was pretty ugly! But the time with family was awesome, and the food was incredible! Yay for leftovers!

I'm so thankful for our weekend off. I also can't believe we have THREE more before our next, and last wedding of the year. We are so thrilled to just BE for a while! I hope everyone had a fun weekend, and can enjoy a short week before Thanksgiving is here!


  1. Yay for a short work week! And how awesome that you all are leading the youth group! It's such a great way to really build community and fellowship with one another! Happy Thanksgiving! :)

  2. Yay for a short holiday week, and glad you guys were able to salvage your first young adults meeting. Pizza is always a great idea, and you can enjoy the bonfire next time! Cheers to a fabulous short week <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. Those Bengals... girl, they are going to be the death of me. Good thing you had the chance to spend time with family and friends, which made that loss a little less painful.

  4. Yay for a fun weekend of just time to spend doing what you wanted to do. I am so proud of you both for opening your hearts to your new group. I so wish I had something like this when I was making that transition. You are just amazing my friend. Happy Thanksgiving week.

  5. I have to work on friday but it's a half day so I'm totally okay with it!! Yay for a really fun weekend and enjoying time together! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. I'm actually off this week from teaching, have one shift at the hotel so I'm with you for being thankful for all that!

    Can't wait to hear how your group goes. We use to belong to one like that, we'd do monthly events, etc but then the members started having babies and it just fell apart. One day when I'm back to a regular schedule I'd love to do that again.

  7. Sounds like you had a relaxing yet eventful weekend. I'm pretty sure those are the best kind. I still haven't gotten a Red Cup. I went and got a decaf coffee in the beginning of November so I ended up with a green one... I guess I was ahead of the game.

    One of my favorite things about you Kayla, is how you have this awesome goal for you life, but it's not just a goal for you, it ends up helping so many other people to better their lives too. You are a truly special person. I miss you :)

  8. Sounds like such a good weekend :) I love the you guys do game nights with Erin & Jared-- so fun :) My family usually plays games on Sundays after we have family dinner. LOVE those memories!! Happy Thanksgiving week. XO

  9. Short work weeks are the best! I am off on Friday too and I am so looking forward to a 4 day weekend! That great that you had such a good turnout for your first event! I'm sure you will make lots of great memories with that group!

  10. I wish we could have gotten involved in a connection group like that, it sounds awesome! Although I suppose getting married at 19 and having a baby at 21 don't exactly put us in the "normal" category for our age haha. We've been living in this area for 5 years (since moving here for college) and still have yet to find a church that feels like home. That makes me sad because I miss the kinds of friendship and support your church family can bring.

  11. WOO HOO for short weeks AND for having Friday off, too! I think it's so awesome that y'all have a young adult group that's open to seniors - mid twenties. Love that the senior gets a chance to be around older Christians as they are transitioning out of the youth group. Sadly we didn't have that and once we went to college we all kinda felt alone when we came back home for breaks/holidays and realized we weren't really apart of the youth group anymore.

    There has been a burn advisory here too recently, thankfully they are calling for rain today!!!! Hope Caleb is feeling better and that y'all get to enjoy your Thanksgiving break!!!!


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