Thursday, November 3, 2016

Our much needed staycation.

Last week was our glorious stay-cation. Since our Hilton Head Island trip got cancelled due to the hurricane, we decided to still take a few days off to enjoy time together, rather than cancel it all together. That vacation time of mine will go away by the end of the year if its left unused, and we all know that can't happen! ;) 

We worked Monday, so our staycation started that evening! But Tuesday we decided to go see The Accountant at the movies pretty early in the day. You guys, it was so so good! I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed it! After that we grabbed lunch and spent the afternoon at home relaxing. That evening Caleb decided he wanted to burn a birthday gift card so we hit the town and did a little shopping.

Wednesday was Caleb's 28th birthday! We started the day bright and early with an 8:30 AM tee-time. I honestly know next to nothing about golf, but Caleb is really good! I only did 9 holes, but Caleb went with 18. He had fun teaching me the ropes, but lets be honest, the only thing I'm good for at a golf course is driving the golf cart! ;)

Once we got back home and cleaned up, I gave him his presents and then we hit the local outlets for a few hours! After the outlets we decided to try out Miami Valley Gaming. It was a lot of fun and we actually won some money at first, so we left early and had a very high-calorie dinner and decided not to be sorry about it. We're talking spinach and artichoke dip, burgers, shrimp, chicken, garlic french fries... yeah, I'm drooling again. ;)

His birthday was much different than I had originally planned, since I obviously had an entire day planned in HILTON HEAD.  But I presented Caleb with lots of options and he chose what he wanted and we had the best time together. I love that I have a husband who is so "go with the flow" and low-key. We could've stayed at home all day celebrating, and he would've probably been just as happy. Regardless, we had the best time celebrating how awesome he is!!

Thursday was spent doing NOTHING but gorging on donuts and starting The Lord of The Rings trilogy. This was Caleb's idea, but I have to say, I really liked them. Well, we only got through the first one that day but I really enjoyed it. It was the extended edition, so we're talking over 3 hours for the first movie, ha!

Friday we stopped by the OTHER outlets in town because Caleb was less than thrilled with Nike's selection on his birthday a few days prior at the other outlets, and he scored big! I was so excited for him! He found some really nice shirts that will definitely be his new go-to's! After that, we spent our evening at Dave and Busters gaming the night away. We had way too much fun!! I feel like a kid every time I'm there, and I love it!

Saturday was spent in a giant pit of never ending laundry and taking our tripod/new camera out for a spin. We took over 100 and ended up with MAYBE 4 cute ones, but we had a fun time, and that's what matters!

This was honestly the "reset" week that Caleb and I needed. We did whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted. We did a lot of eating, resting, and also a whole lot of nothing. It was everything we wanted and needed it to be! Thanks for making it through the long post. It was just the best week!! I'm so thankful for that week off!

Hope everyone has a great day!


  1. That sounds like the perfect staycation! That dinner sounds so amazing.

  2. This literally sounds like the perfect week! So glad y'all got to enjoy some fun activities and still relax and reset! Love all of these pictures, too- so cute and fun! Maybe next year Matthew and I can take a couple of PTO days and have a staycation...y'all have inspired me to try and make this happen.

  3. Sounds like it was a great staycation, I love seeing your smiling faces :) & I'm totally drooling at all the food you guys enjoyed!

  4. i am so glad it was such a fabulous week! KC and I love having random days off together so i can't imagine how fabulous a week would feel. i am also so glad you enjoyed LOTR! my favourite :) they are loooooong though haha. the extended version is the only way though ;)

  5. That sounds like heaven! I need a week like that.


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