Thursday, November 10, 2016

On a more positive note

You ever have one of those days where everything seems to be going going wrong? You didn't prep your lunch for the day, your folded laundry is still not put away, the dishes seem to be everywhere, you're running late, you forgot to fill your gas tank, you spill coffee on yourself, etc.? Am I painting a crazy enough picture for you? ;)

 It's in those moments that we (I) say things we (I) don't mean, we do silly things we shouldn't, and just wish that the day would end already. This happens to me all too often, and I thought to myself, what good will it do me by complaining even more about it!? Make your day turn around, Kayla! You have that power to change your attitude.

Instead of complaining, or wishing your day away, have you ever thought that maybe your mood could change by doing something sweet for someone, for absolutely no reason at all!? Well, it can. Try it...I dare ya.

Today is actually perfect because I get to volunteer with my company, just in time for Veterans Day! We are going to 3 different homes in the community and raking their leaves, cleaning out their gutters, power washing their homes, etc.! Basically things that elderly people should not have to worry about. I'm so excited to give back, it really does bring so much joy! Here are some other ideas on how to brighten someone else's day...just because!

A random act of kindness. Bake a pie for your neighbor, leave $5 on a co-workers desk with a note that "lunch is on me", bring in donuts for the whole department, fill someone's cubicles with cute balloons, pay for someone's coffee, compliment that girls outfit, send some snail mail just because, you get the point.

Volunteering. I know this is kind of the same thing as above, but hear me out! Whether it be with your local church, a soup kitchen, a homeless shelter, a library, of your time is so, so rewarding. Yes, sometimes it can be exhausting, but when Caleb and I teach those little kids at church, or help out our church's youth group...half the time, they are the ones who end up teaching us something. Or when I'm able to devote a week of my summer evenings to photographing our church's annual Sports Camp? By the end of the week I am overwhelmed with how full of love I feel.

Give away your time or talents, for free. I know, I know. If you're a small business owner, you can't thrive if you're always giving stuff away. BUT! Here and there, for someone who really needs it, I think its absolutely worth it. A lot of you out there who have online shops, who can sew, who are photographers, artists, master Calligraphers (is that a thing!?), etc, and you charge for these services, and rightfully so (trust me I absolutely get it)! However, I challenge you to offer up your services at no charge for a day, or even just once, to someone who needs it. Even if you don't have a hobby like that, just giving your time, and listening to someone who needs a friend is perfect.

Cook for a new mom. I'm not a mom yet, but with my sister in law recently going through this, I know how much she appreciated it when people dropped off a hot meal, so she could just focus on her new babe (aka the cutest nephew in the world) and all that is involved with that.

Drop by your local senior citizen home with flowers. Can you even imagine the smile on some of their faces?!! I am just picturing myself in a home like that one day, and how much it would mean to ME to talk to someone for an hour and have fresh flowers on my bedside!

Donate school supplies. Most of these teachers are buying supplies themselves, out of their own pocket, and that's just not right! How awesome would it be to relieve them a little financially?

I know this post was random, but our world needs more love this week, so I hope you'll put one of these into action and make someone's day!
Have a great Thursday, friends!


  1. Love this post and could not agree more!!!!! My best friend is a teacher and is always buying stuff for her classroom/kids with her own money. Hope your day turns around, sweet friend!! :)

  2. Love love love this post! Yes to all the pies and coffee - always appreciated! Yes to spreading love, kindness, and positiveness <3
    Green Fashionista

  3. I love this! There's no better way to get out of a foul mood than by volunteering and seeing those around you who are less fortunate. It really makes you put things into perspective and you quickly realize life isn't as bad as you thought it was. Have a great weekend! :)

  4. I definitely had one of those days this week! Doing something to help someone else out is definitely a way to get out of that funk!

  5. But wait, did you make this pie lol???? I'm dying over it. Or just hungry haha. But GOOD TIPS girlfriend. You literally cannot be in a bad mood by doing something nice!

  6. Anytime I feel like I need to do more, I give. Of my talents, time, love, words, etc. Giving can do so much -- for you and for someone else.

  7. I'll take a pie...I'll tell you which hotel to leave it at in Columbus this weekend :P

  8. I love the idea of donating school supplies! That is such a great idea.

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