Monday, November 7, 2016

A new perspective on creativity and busy weekends.

Friday evening was ladies night! I was so looking forward to this because we found a great deal for a local paint night and hello, girl time! I was able to get in touch with my creative side in a new light. Normally, my creative outlet is my other job; photography. So it was fun to try something new! I'd only done this once before but it was before Caleb and I were married so it had been a while!

When Erin, Natalie and I arrived and saw the painting up close and personal we were a little nervous. It was a LOT more detailed than the calendar online made it look; but we were determined. It helped tremendously that we had THE COOLEST teacher in all the land. Christine was her name, and she rocked it. She had an awesome playlist and pretty sure there was more dancing than painting half the time.

To be totally honest, I'm kind of impressed with us. I love that each of ours has their own unique spin on it, and I can't wait to hang this somewhere in our home!

Saturday, Caleb and I had another wedding and we knew we were in for a long day. What we didn't know we were in for, was one of the sweetest couples we've ever photographed. So many times throughout portraits, Daniell couldn't help but tear up and tell her sweet groom, Evan, how she couldn't wait for the next few hours to pass so she would be his WIFE! I did my fair share of tearing up all throughout the ceremony and the reception speeches, and it just gave me a renewed perspective for what Caleb and I get to be a part of. We honestly count ourselves blessed.

Their first look was one of the most precious I'd ever seen. Evan couldn't contain his emotions when he saw her! If you saw my instagram, you'd know it took both of their tissues to clean up those tears; talk about precious. I was also excited to find out this sweet bride of mine reads my blog!!

Sunday was filled with two engagement sessions and a lot of walking Downtown. The last engagement session ended at Rhinegeist which totally worked out so I could go support two of my friends at an art show that was being held there!

So while my weekend was long, a friend recently put things into perspective for me. She basically said to look at these long days as an act of worship, because I'm using the gifts God has given me! So I decided to look at this weekend through a new pair of lenses. The long weekends that include weddings, sessions, vendor meals, new faces, battery changes, memory cards, flash triggers, sore feet and tired eyes... I need to look at it as serving. I need to see it as an act of worship. I'm thankful for friends who speak truth when I need it most!

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. Next up this weekend? A wedding in Nashville. Woo!!


  1. What a sweet bride! I love reading your little tidbits about everyone's special day! And bravo on that painting :)

  2. You each did an amazing job on your paintings and I love that they all are different! Absolutely stunning photography Kayla! :)

  3. Those paint places are fun if you get a great deal!

    Nashville huh? Need any must see ideas? I've got lots... especially a meal at the Loveless Cafe! ;)

  4. all your paintings seriously look amazing! i have never done anything that complicated because i screw up even the simple ones lol.

  5. Y'all did such a great job on the paintings! I've only ever done one before but I'd love to do another.

  6. I love that perspective your friend shared! Definitely something I will keep in mind! Your paintings all look great!

  7. KAYLA!!!! You were just 20 minutes from me. We have to meet up sometime when you are in my neck of the woods.


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