Tuesday, August 2, 2016

August (birthday month) goals!

Caleb texted me this morning reminding me it was my "birthday week". We're just 7 days out from my birthday...its never too early to start celebrating, right?!

I'm going to be honest and tell you my running goal is basically shot for the summer. I honestly did horrible, but you know what? I'm okay with that. I've had a great time being outside and being active other ways (hiking/volleyball/long walks, etc.)! Being outside was a priority for me this summer and I'm happy to say I made that happen more than previous years!

So here goes my list of goals for August;

-Send snail mail to at least 3 people. I absolutely love doing this. Getting fun mail is the BEST! Bills are boring, but surprises are awesome!

-Be outside as much as possible. I continue to change my mind on which is my favorite season between spring, summer and fall...BUT regardless, I absolutely love the sunshine. Being outside when its warm is just the best. Even when I'm sweating, I try not to complain about it!

-Hit the gym at least 8 times. We joined a new gym a couple months ago and at first were using it all the time. Now? Not so much. I still want to utilize the natural pavement outside, as well as some at-home YouTube workouts, but something about actually driving to the gym makes me want to try my hardest to make the drive worth it, and push myself really hard!

-Use our gift cards. Caleb and I have a few movie gift cards as well as dinner gift cards (hello cheesecake factory!) and who doesn't love a free date?!

-Spend more time with friends. Some of my friends are pretty far away, and some are close. Regardless, I want to make plans to pursue my friendships more than ever. Whether that be through more phone calls, Skype, or in person to grab a coffee, I want to make it happen!

-Drop off our goodwill/donation box. I had this on my list a few months ago and we didn't make it happen. I need to just stick it in my car so next time I'm near there, I will actually do this. We've accumulated so much junk, I know it would feel great to get rid of it.

PS - anyone else PUMPED that football season is nearly here?! I can hardly contain my excitement. Our first preseason game is NEXT WEEK!

Happy August everyone, make it a great one!


  1. WOO HOO for birthday month!!!!! I am hoping to get outside more these next couple of months and really soak up the rest of summer before old man winter is back. I love when I find a gift card that we have for a restaurant that we completely forgot about lol it's the best! Enjoy your free date nights with them!!!!

  2. Hope you have the most amazing birthday month EVER

  3. If you take stuff to goodwill, try looking up the Vietnam Veterans in your area. They'll pick up your stuff from your porch, it goes to a much better place :)

  4. Snail mail? Best goal on this list! I love finding little pieces of HAPPY in the mail (along with the junk and bills!).

  5. That picture in Paul Brown made me squeal with excitement! SO CLOSE! and such a great picture of you two! It's awesome that you're finding new, creative ways to get active. That's all that matters. Happy birthday week!

  6. Its never too early to start celebrating!! I can't believe it's almost time for football - but I'm ready for some college football for sure! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  7. Birthday month!!!! Wish we could grab in person coffee together but I loooove our day long snap chats too!!! :)

  8. Yay birthday month! Great goals my dear. And I definitely love sending snail mail to people to brighten up their day. It's nice to get something that isn't junk or a bill.

  9. Happy birthday month!! I'm super excited for football season too. Go Seahawks :)

    Edye | Http://gracefulcoffee.wordpress.com

  10. yay birthday month! this year, i celebrated the whole month and it was fabulous lol. i totally agree about driving to the gym - i always feel like i should work harder because i had to drive there lol

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