Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Sports Camp 2016! AKA the coolest week ever.

I wanted to take today's post to recap my church's Sports Camp as a whole with some of my favorite shots. Basically we did the same thing every night. An insane amount of sweating, worshipping, walking and serving. It's overwhelming to see these kids sing to Jesus. It brought me to tears behind my camera more than a few times!

Sunday night was family night and we welcomed everyone into the park - this was also the night the kids got to meet all their coaches! The sports included flag football, basketball, soccer, cheerleading, backyard games and water wars. So much FUN!!

Monday was night #1 with the kids and we had the BEST time kicking off our week!

Just a few kids from our youth group!
Tuesday was yet another amazing night! Thankfully it was pretty overcast so we got a break from the sweltering heat for a night!

water wars is where its AT!

Sadly Wednesday night there was a huge storm brewing, so they had to cancel that night! But we came back Thursday and we went hard!

and Friday, we had ourselves a blast at family night! All the parents came and watched their children worship, win prizes and eat as much as ice cream as their little bellies could handle!

We gave away a brand new bike, and the boy who won already had one at home...so when no one was watching, he gave it away. I happened to catch it on camera thanks to someone noticing, and man, it really got to me! These kids are amazing, I love their generous hearts!

A huge thank you to everyone!! Every single volunteer (those who danced, those who packed snack bags for 300+ kids, those who sweat for Jesus, etc.), every parent who trusted us, everyone who donated money or gifts or supplies, and especially everyone who prayed for us, etc.! It means the world. We had the best week with these kids. Over 340 kids registered, 100+ volunteers...its always a highlight of our year!

Already looking forward to this event next year! I love my church!


  1. Looks like everyone had so much fun! I can see why you enjoy it so much.

  2. Your church looks so amazing, what a wonderful event. I think it is so wonderful y'all foster younger children's relationship with the Lord as so many need it. You truly are an example of God's love! <3

  3. It looks like an awesome time! Your photos of the whole event are incredible :)

  4. So fun! And I love these pictures! I'm glad you were able to do this.

  5. This looks like so much fun, you guys are awesome! And omg the boy that gave away the bike, how sweet is that?!

  6. What a great week! Those pictures are priceless and I love the look of pure enjoyment on all the kids (& adults!) faces!!!! I know they made memories there with y'all they will never forget! Great pictures, girl!! :)

  7. I so love how the Gospel is moving in your community!!

  8. I so love our church and Kayla you always capture honesty. I love it and you.

  9. What an amazing experience not only for the kids, but for you and the other adults! I think it's so special for them to have a group of friends in faith, but to have such strong, faithful examples like YOU!:)

  10. Connor went to VBS twice in June and he loved every minute of it. One was at our home church and another was with friends at their church. I love the fun way Christ is shown to him, in a way his 3 year old mind understands. Hearing your child talk about Jesus and all He has done and can do makes my heart soar with pride.

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