Thursday, June 16, 2016

My Summer bucket list

I'm making more of an effort to spend less time behind my screens this summer, and more time outside! I know we're a few weeks into summer already but I wanted to officially make a fun little list of things to work towards while we've still got the sunshine this time of year!

{Run 80 miles by my birthday} This is a big goal for me since I haven't been consistently running this year much, so I'm hoping this will really take me back to my regular running days! August 9th, you are going to come very quickly, I can already tell.

{Make a s'more - or three} no explanation needed, right?

{Make a dang photo book} pretty sure this has been on EVERY goal post I've written since we've been married... we shall see!!

{Go hiking/canoeing/do something adventurous} we live near some pretty cool trails and hiking spots and such, so I'd like to make this happen somehow!

{Hit up the zoo or aquarium} I love how many attractions our city has to offer, and although its kind of expensive, I think its always worth it!

{Play Frisbee golf} we have a pretty fun course by our neighborhood, so we need to make time on a weekend or evening to get outside and make it happen!
{Go to a Red's game} its been too long since we've been!!!

{Read a couple books} I love reading and once mid-July hits, I will have a lot more time on my hands!

{Get a couple chairs for our patio} I think since we know this isn't our 'forever' home either, we haven't made it very homey...but summer evenings are meant to be spent outside so I'd like to get a few chairs for Caleb and I to read outside together, or just chat about our days!

{Play corn-hole} we don't have a set, but I'm determined someway...somehow.

{Try a new restaurant with Caleb} for date night! Woo woo!

I'm trying to keep my summer list realistic. I'm hoping to accomplish all of these things by the end of August. Which reminds me about that 25 before 25 list. There's another post idea ;) its crazy how much has changed since I made that list and how my goals changed as well. I'm not even disappointed that it won't all get done, as life changes, our circumstances change, and so do our goals, and that's alright!

Here's to a fun, adventurous, sunny summer! What's on your summer bucket list? Please let me know! I'd love to have more ideas!


  1. Oh you can totally get that list done - and yes I agree, I can't believe June is almost over already!

  2. What a fun summer bucket list!!!!! We used to play frisbee golf all the time while Matthew was in college. Some of our best memories were made at that park! I need to make a photo book, too! Woo hoo for running 80 miles!!!! You are going to rock that one! :)

  3. Awesome list! Gimme all the s'mores and yes to new patio chairs and playing corn-hole <3
    Green Fashionista

  4. S'mores, yes! Every time we're at the grocery store lately, there are big displays of all the s'more supplies. I WILL buy them and make them this summer. I also want to read, hike, and go to the zoo!

  5. Get the outside furniture! You can always bring it with you when you move, but it will be so nice to have and enjoy now!

  6. Good luck with your list! I'm all about the smores!

  7. I'm going to add the zoo and aquarium to my list as well...I haven't been in years!! Good luck with your list girl!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  8. Love your list!! I've been thinking of trying to make one too-- now I feel like I NEED to ;) I hope soon we can set up the cornhole boards at our house and have people over!!

  9. I love that you have a mileage goal for your birthday! I really should have made a mileage goal at the beginning of the year but major fail on my part! You inspired me!

  10. The zoo! This is on my list too. And yes, girl, make a photo book! You will feel so accomplished when you can finally cross that off your list!


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