Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A glimpse of our weekend

Our weekend started promptly when we left work. I ran outside while Caleb played basketball with some neighbors. We rewarded ourselves with our favorite Mexican restaurant since it had been a while since we'd make a trip over there! I love low key Friday evenings!

Saturday we relaxed until it was time to leave for wedding #5 of the year. We didn't anticipate the day being as long as it was, but luckily Jenna and Eric were amazing and their love was insanely easy to capture. Unfortunately, the Cincinnati 50mph+ winds scratched our original plans of heading to Eden Park, but I think we found some amazing alternative locations Downtown - with little to no wind at all.

Last year I tried to share a few images from each wedding we shot, and since wedding season is just starting I thought I may as well do it again this year. For a silly "behind the scenes" photo, I like to throw myself in a mirror shot every now and then - and don't worry, we have about a hundred other shots just like this without me photo bombing ;)

I love her excitement right before the first look!

Sunday after church we had a fun afternoon with our youth group. These teens have so much energy, they definitely keep us young (and kind of make us feel old).

Sunday evening was spent doing an unreal amount of laundry and folding, pizza eating, and preparing to watch The Walking Dead. I have so many emotions, and am mostly just irritated. In my opinion (not that it matters), it was not a "finale" kind of episode. I know it accomplished the "cliff hanger" thing, but for a season finale? I felt it was drug on too long. However, I already can't wait for the show to be back on! I'll now have Sunday nights back to do other productive things - like read, or write! Yay!

We had a great weekend all in all, but I could've used an extra day of relaxation. Isn't that always how it is?! ;) hope everyone had a great one!


  1. Her first look is just the best expression! I'm impressed you have energy for much of anything the day after a wedding lol

  2. WOW, what amazing photos. You truly know how to capture the magic of the day, thanks so much for sharing.

  3. I love love LOVE seeing your work!! So good and I love the excitement on the bride's face, so sweet!

    Low key Friday nights that involve Mexican...literally sounds like the perfect Friday night to me!! Glad y'all had a good weekend! The wind was crazy here, too!!

  4. A weekend that starts with Mexican food is my kinda weekend! Love the photos you snapped--they're gorgeous!

  5. Kayla -- did you know The Following was cancelled? I've been dying for it's return and finally Googled it and BAM!! It's been cancelled. Lamest of lame.

  6. Yes, friend. I always need a day to recover from my weekend. Haha! I love your blazer in the photobomb picture! SO CUTE. Also, I'm serious furious that they cliffhangered us like that. The episode was so slow. I understand they were going for a slow burn that would finish with Negan, but come on. I really think it's Glenn that was killed. Jeffrey Dean Morgan is amazing as Negan, though. What if I love him even though he's a villain worse than the Governor?!


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