Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Recycling our love story.

For those of you who have been blogging for a couple years -- do you ever look back on your first few published posts? Man oh man, that's what I just did. It caused quite a few emotions in me. Mostly embarrassment that I knew nothing about blogging, link ups, or writing in general. But way more than that? I felt happiness. I came across one of my first posts. You see, I started blogging when I was about to turn 21, and that's right before Caleb and I got engaged (biggest surprise of my LIFE). I decided to simply "recycle" that post and let you all read a fun little love story today for those of you who don't know it yet...  (circa 2012)

I know this blog has gone nowhere, and its my own fault. I am ready to commit. Something has come over me this week, and I like it. I am more motivated than ever. SO... since I am using this blog as almost a personal diary so I can look back on this stage in my life, I should tell you..

As some of you may know, my (then) boyfriend came with my family on vacation to our annual spot of Hilton Head, SC. (gorgeous - you must go at least once!) We arrived on Saturday, the 18th, and he casually asked me to take a walk on the beach later that night (thank goodness I showered). So around 7 we left the house and took a cute bike ride down, parked them, and started on our slow walk. This was a Saturday, our first night there, and each was practically no-mans land, where the heck was every one?! I didn't mind one bit though, I'm a total sucker for a hand-in-hand walk anywhere with my man.

After about ten minutes of walking, he mentions that we should take a goofy video (something we do often), send it to Erin and Jared and just tell them we arrived safely, and also a "look how jealous you probably are--we're on a beach and you're not" kinda video ;) I prop my iPhone up against my bag and we begin talking to the camera awkwardly... (nothing unusual)...

About 40 seconds in, he says "lets go jump in the waves", and I'm all about THAT too. Who cares about wet clothes?! You're not on the beach everyday! So, we get up, start to walk towards the beach (video camera still rolling) and I completely run into him while he is at a dead stop. I throw my hands up without looking too obvious and am all "what the heck are you doing?! I thought we were going towards the ocean!" and you know the rest...

He got down on one knee, whipped out the most beautiful perfect ring that my bare left hand never knew it had been missing, I back up - probably from sheer shock - and cover my mouth because I am SO stinkin' surprised... and as he is reaching for my left hand, I finally give it to him... and he said the most simplest of sentences he's ever said to me. Something a little like... "Kayla, I've loved you from day one, and I've always wanted to do this. You make me the happiest guy on Earth and I can't imagine spending a day without you. Please, will you be my wife?" (there were a few silly comments in there too, but you get the gist).. I couldn't contain the river of tears that were coming. I first said "SHUT UP are you kidding?!" then.. smiled what was probably the biggest smile I've ever stretched across my face, and said YES! We did some jumping and crying and hugging, kissing, you know. All the while, the video is still streaming, and we kind of just forget about it being there.

I had always known I wanted to marry him, but never knew how badly I needed him in my life until he said he couldn't imagine spending another day without me. Those words are something every girl deserves to hear, and I am so blessed and thankful that God gave me him so early in life. We tried to not plan anything on vacation, but he was just as excited as I was.. and we did a little bit. After a few planning let downs, we have both been reminded that its not all about the decorations and colors, venue or attire, but that its about him and I, and God. We are striving to keep God the center focus on our relationship DAILY. It has been so much fun to plan so far, and I am just so excited that he will be mine, for the rest of my life.

If I haven't thanked you in a few days God, I truly am sorry, you've blessed me beyond belief and I am so thankful for everything you do for me.

I hope everyone enjoyed a throwback post today, and has an awesome Wednesday!


  1. this is so sweet! I love hearing others stories about how they got engaged!!

  2. Aw such a sweet story! Loving the idea of sharing an old post. Have a great wednesday!

  3. Too sweet! Cute idea with the throwback

  4. This throwback is amazingly adorable and wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  5. This was so wonderful!! I loved reading it and love hearing what you felt that day 4 years ago! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  6. Love it! Such a good idea to recycle an oldie but a goodie like this!!! ;)

  7. Awwww! So sweet! I'm glad you re-posted this because I hadn't seen it before!

  8. awwww this is the sweetest! not gonna lie, i love looking back on some of my older posts even though yeah some of them are super embarrassing, some of them are super sweet as well. like this amazing one.

  9. Aww love it! I love hearing (or reading) people's love/engagement stories :)

  10. Bah I love it!!! One of my favorite stories and I totally remember reading it when you first posted it :) You guys are the cutest and it makes me so happy that you have each other!!!


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