Thursday, February 25, 2016

Week-long goal

I used to have these weekly goal posts every now and again that focused on ONE particular goal for one week only. I'd wake up on Monday morning and walk downstairs and Caleb would've come up with some new goal for us to maintain from that Monday to the next Monday. It was such a fun challenge to do together, and we both love a good competition. Some weeks it was something health-conscious like "no eating out", and other times it was something more fun like "watch a movie every night".

I decided that while I LOVE my monthly/yearly goals, sometimes I forget what they even were unless I check on top of those, I may start this back up in our household. For myself though, this week I set a simple goal for myself for the work-week: to get over 10K steps a day.

Sure, I kind of stole the idea from my Fitbit, but hey, it works. So far? So good. I normally averaged about 5-6K steps a day before this week, if that, and it just bummed me out! Now that we're back to running, its a much easier goal to reach. I'm getting about 11K a day this week. These small goals give me such a sense of accomplishment when I need it most.

It might be silly, yet I can't help but do a happy dance when my wrist buzzes and congratulates me on my step's so fun!

Another goal of mine was to begin running this week and so far so good, I've done it everyday since Sunday. I'm really proud of that because last night? We got poured on. But afterwards, I kind of felt like a boss. Even though we (only) ran 2 miles and stopped like 3 times to rest. We're still making progress, and that's what matters!

Consider making smaller, more obtainable goals in March. Like a few month long goals, or week-long ones with a partner! It's fun to be a little competitive!


  1. You go girl! I'm thinking about getting my husband a Fitbit since he's gotten back into working out regularly. Worth it?

  2. Good for you! I love running and really need to get back to doing it.

  3. i love this idea. sometimes KC and I say 'no eating out this week' and the next day we eat out. oops. but i love the idea of focusing on smaller weekly goals because i always forget my bigger monthly / seasonal ones.

  4. YES... the victory dance is necessary. I dont wear my fitbit as often but when I do, and when I hit my goal, it feels like I may or may not have won the lottery!!!!!

  5. What's your FitBit email? I love mine too, let's be friends on there!

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