Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Moving is straight up hard.

When you spent the majority of the weekend moving and you think you "only have a few things left" at the apartment you're moving out of... that really means you "have a crap ton of stuff left over there and it'll take way longer than you think". Somehow the clock strikes 8:30 and you realize you haven't had dinner yet. One way or another you and half your family end up in the same parking lot and they encourage you to just order a pizza. So duh, you listen. Thirty minutes later, this happens...

In all seriousness, moving is straight up hard. I really didn't think it would be so time consuming, but it really is! I'd be fine if we don't BUY an actual home for another few years and just save up a crap ton (which is the plan, btw). However, its been a fun adventure. Somehow, things are just falling into place. The cable/internet has been installed, the washer and dryer are delivered, and our groceries are finally in our fridge. Did I mention we actually get a pantry in this new place?! A PANTRY?! I almost forgot what one of those looked like! ;)

In light of losing my temper last night when a box sliced my hand open, I've compiled a small list of things you'll learn when in the middle of a move...

-your patience will be tested
-you'll argue with your adorable husband about where couches go
-you'll eat an embarrassing amount of pizza
-you'll only have about 3 outfits that you rotate for a week or so
-forget about sleeping, there's too much to do!
-and when you do sleep, you'll sleep like a rock from being so exhausted
-you never know where anything is when you actually need it
-you'll have enough boxes to build a new house
-you won't hit the gym, lifting boxes is your workout!
-you swear to yourself "you're never moving again"
-but then years from now get excited when you get to move again ;)

In all seriousness, that list above is real. BUT we've made the best of it. We've survived our first real move of the marriage and now we have a lot less crap because of it!! So I'm thankful. I'm excited to see what new adventures we get ourselves into in this home, and see how we make it ours.

Anyone have any hilarious moving stories?! I could use 'em!


  1. "You and half your family end up in the same parking lot" LOL- so funny/random :) Totally jealous that you guys have a pantry- that is a hot commodity!! I remember moving into my apartment and it was just me and my mom moving HUGE stuff and I don't remember what was so funny, but we started cracking up while we were navigating the couch together. We were laughing and then telling ourselves to stop laughing because we were going to drop something and the longer it went on the more ridiculous it got- somehow, no one got injured ;)

  2. YES on all accounts. And we were the dummies that went Kayaking on Sunday instead of unpacking. Oops! We went back to get the rest of our stuff and clean yesterday. I didn't realize how little space we have in our cars. hahaha. :) All we have left to do is a quick vacuum through the old one and we're 100% moved out. Also, I forgot how expensive ordering pizza is for our moving crew.... so we've been eating pizza since Saturday. :) #notsorry

  3. Oh man, oh man. Moving is not for the faint of heart. I've moved into two apartments and it's INCREDIBLE how much STUFF I had in both. I'm nervous for our next move because it will be the BIG move. EEEk!

    Pizza is the best and don't worry about the calories, you're burning a ton!

  4. Umm that pizza looks delicious!! And I hateeee moving! When we bought our house last year, I declared that we are never moving again! We looked at over 40 houses before we bought this one, and that in and of itself was exhausting enough!

  5. Yes! I should have warned you, lol. We did all that with a baby mixed in. Ughhh. Josh ended up moving 95% of the house and furniture by himself. I'm still not sure how he did it. And we've been living there six months and I still have a room full of boxes. Yeahhh, it's embarrassing, lol. Josh is already talking about selling the house. Little does he know I plan to be there for 30 years because I don't want to move again!!!!!

  6. Oh my, I understand the pantry excitement - that is at the top of my list with our house hunt. I will not buy one without one since we don't have one now. Can't wait to see pics when you get to posting them - yay!

  7. We have not done a big move since we bought our house 13 years ago. But we didn't move any of the furniture because it was all new (yay for free delivery). We are talking about moving in the next few years, and it will be a huge job!

  8. That list is definitely for real, but it's all worth it! Because pizza :)

  9. This is so true! Moving suuuuucks. Jordan and I almost killed each other. Fact.

    1. Also, moving is the reason I stopped running at 26 weeks pregnant. I was too tired from all the box carrying to care about working out!

  10. Moving really is rough and I can identify with that list you made. I'm so tired of moving - I've moved seven times in nine years! I do, however, really look forward to the day when we find a forever home! That will be a fun one to move into!

  11. Moving flat out sucks. Toss in a toddler and a move from TX to OH in January and things are just nuts. But it's worth it and you will love being in your new home.

  12. My first night in my apartment I hardly slept because the pajamas I had out to wear were better suited for Antarctica (or my parents' basement) than they were for my apartment that was 70+ degrees! So in the middle of the night I dug around in a tote that housed my clothes and found something cooler to wear.

    Eating an embarrassing amount of pizza is totally acceptable when moving!

  13. Ahh moving is definitely the worst! But is there any other food to eat during moving then pizza?! I don't think I've ever moved/helped someone move without it! Enjoy getting settled in!

  14. I don't think I have any funny moving stories because they are all painful stories of bad moods and such ;) HA! Or dance parties while I was supposed to be packing/unpacking. Do that! Blast some music as you unpack!

  15. I want that pizza now! lol! Moving is horrible! Arguments happen just because when moving is going on. It sucks! Now that I have said that. YEH! Congrats on the move! Can't wait to hear about the memories you make there :)

  16. Oh but the pizza makes moving somewhat worthwhile!! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  17. we didn't have a pantry in our apartment, so when we moved into our house and the pantry is a whole different room.. my mind was BLOWN. amazing. pizza makes it worth it ;)

  18. I totally agree - moving is so hard!!!! We moved three times in the past year! Once from AZ to NC, then from an apt to a rental house, and we just closed on a house two weeks ago! I'm NEVER MOVING AGAIN haha!! But seriously...

    Anyways, first time commenting, but I love your blog!! Best of luck getting settled into the new place!!

    - Sarah www.thefrugalmillionaireblog.com

  19. Moving is so HARD! I totally know what you mean about the "only a few more things". That little stuff doesn't look like much, but boy is it!

    p.s. I need to get in touch with you about scheduling photos, deposits, etc...if you're still interested :)


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