Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Caleb went overboard! Literally!

Thursday, at CIY, we had our morning session and then our small group to discuss what we learned...and then we got ready for WHITE WATER RAFTING!! Unfortunately while we were off campus the other leaders and I got a text from the university saying the campus we were staying at for the week (Lee University) was on lockdown due to the shooting in Chattanooga. Which was pretty scary, since we were out and about only 25 minutes from there. We obviously let the parents know asap, but luckily a few moments later we got a message saying the shooter was captured and we would be safe. SO we were able to enjoy rafting to the fullest with no worries at all. Between all of us we had a total of 3 boats!

We did what was called "the superman", where two of us hung off the side of the boat, and one in the middle during one of the hardest rapids. We rafted on the Ocoee River and the rapids were level 4 (out of a possible 5). That's me in the purple shorts holding on for dear life. I had to hold my nose because right before this picture I ATE a ton of water, and I'm pretty sure it got in my brain. SO as annoyed as I am that I'm holding my nose in almost every photo...I just had to! ;)

Right after this we passed a giant rock in the middle of the river and I see MY HUSBAND holding onto it! I literally freaked out. He accidentally fell out of the boat during a rough spot and another boat had to pick him up. Luckily he listened to the instructions of the guide just in case anyone DID fall out so he handled it like a champ and walked away with only a couple small bruises. Still, it was both hilarious and terrifying. Glad he's strong!! ;)

My brother wore a GoPro on his helmet (he's the one in green) and got some SWEET video footage, too!

& I love this shot of Caleb (he's in the front) on the boat!

We were on the river for over an hour. Our guide intentionally flipped the boat a few times, threw us out, backflipped off the back of the boat, etc... its one of my new favorite memories ever! I'm so glad Caleb and I got to experience it together, even if we were on separate boats. There was a rapid called "Broken Nose" that our guide made us sit in for about 5 minutes while the water just poured over the whole boat. It was amazing, ha!

BEFORE rafting though, we had a little time to play around in the river.

We stopped for a quick dinner on the road then cleaned up for that evenings session, which was amazing, as usual.

Then we went back and finished off the pizza rolls. SO many pizza rolls.

I can't explain what these kids taught me this week. Funny that I'm one of the "leaders", yet they taught ME so much. I laughed, I cried, and worshipped my heart out. God is doing some amazing things with this younger generation, and I can't wait to see what their futures hold!!

All in all? The week was incredible and I pray that we can make it back next year. I think Caleb and I realized just HOW important youth ministry is to us during this trip. Caleb has always felt lead to teach high school age kids, whether that's in a public school or church setting. It's so fun watching him lead them, it makes me a really proud wife.

Happy Tuesday, friends!


  1. Oh what fun! Not going to lie, I've WWR 2x in my life and it doesn't matter how often you do it, it still kinda scares you. Cross something off your bucket list now :)

  2. Those rafting pictures are HILARIOUS!! I've always said that if/when I do that, I'm just tying myself off to my 6'4 250lb. husband and I won't be going anywhere lol! It's so unbelievably rewarding being with teenagers :)

  3. SO fun! I'm glad you guys got so many awesome pictures of rafting!! One of my favorite family photos is when we did this about 6-7 years ago! Our guide let me get up in the front and 'ride the bull' which was SO scary/awesome!! I'm glad Caleb was okay, I would have freaked out too!!

  4. This looks like an absolute blast! Wheat always talks to me about how we need to do white water rafting on the Ocoee! He's from Tennessee and went to summer camp around there, so he's a big fan, too. I think he told me that the Atlanta Olympic games did the rafting portions on the Ocoee, which is really awesome. I would have been horrified to see my husband OUT of the boat, but I'm glad everything was fine! You've convinced me that I need to do the trip!

  5. Glad to hear Caleb is okay! I went white water rafting the summer before my junior year of high school with my family & it is still one of my favorite memories!

  6. Aww, so fun! Love white water rafting, but I haven't been in forever. I think Josh & I need to plan a trip!

  7. That looks like a blast! Also, kind of scary. Can you tell I've never been white water rafting? Haha!

  8. Oh what fun! What an adventure! After seeing these photos, I am definitely putting white water rafting on my bucket list of things I definitely have to do.

  9. Oh my gosh those rapids look awesome!! I'm so glad Caleb was rescued unharmed! :) What an awesome experience!

  10. This looks likes a serious blast!!!! And it sounds like God did some wonderful things... For both the kids and you guys!

  11. Wow that looks like an amazing time! Glad Caleb was okay after falling out. I'm sure seeing him in the water gave you a heart attack.

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