Tuesday, December 2, 2014

My 4-day Thanksgiving "break".

In typical recap fashion, I have lots of photos for you. Wednesday when I got off work, I was able to catch up with a friend, relax, and have girl talk until the middle of the night. Thursday Caleb and I slept in, then headed to my Dad's for a yummy lunch! We, of course, had to snap a few photos before our bellies were overflowing ;)

My adorable great grandma!
My Dad!
We later went to my aunt and uncles which is where most of my family was...my uncle deep fried the turkey and O-M-G. This should be a necessity for Thanksgiving every year! SO GOOD! That night once everyone parted ways, we hit up a few stores since we had nothing else to do...no big ticket items were on our list so after a little browsing we went home!

Friday morning though, we hit up the stores we really wanted to go too. Got ourselves some blu-rays, some new running shoes (yay) and made a significant dent in our Christmas gift shopping! When we got home, we relaxed for a bit before a night out with our fav couple.

We were too pooped to do our Christmas decorations, so we waited until we woke up Saturday to do them...and it was so, so fun. Caleb put on the Frozen soundtrack and our surround sound was bumping all morning! Hope our neighbors didn't mind ;) instead of taking a bunch of pictures this year of our decorating process, I just sang my heart out and tried to enjoy the moment a little more. It was swell!

My brother and mom came over to watch the OSU game and we were lazy and ordered pizza. It's so great having my mom home!! I still can't get over it. That evening we threw a random game night at our place and had a blast for a couple hours with some of our best friends. Sunday was also super low key, although I'm pretty sure my heart skipped 17 beats when the Bengals game was on. However we pulled out a win! #WHODEY

Overall, I had an incredible 4 day weekend...but it seemed to go by faster than my usual 2 day weekend! How was your Thanksgiving weekend??


  1. I love that y'all listened to the Frozen soundtrack...it really is so good, isn't it? We didn't have any big ticket items this year, either...so we mainly browsed also. Love your new running shoes!! (and that picture of the lights!!)

  2. Agnes!!!!! ;) So glad we got to hang over the holidays for "non-holiday" fun! Also, every time I see that sweater I really want something polka-dotted in my closet!

  3. hahaha! the Frozen soundtrack...have you seen the video with the Aussie shepherd and "let it go" going around?

    Glad you had such a good time!

  4. you guys are so cute! sounds like you had an awesome thanksgiving :)

  5. Love this! All hail Marvin Lewis!

  6. Always thanks! !
    The pronunciation in Japanese is "ARIGATOU".
    We look forward to a nice blog.
    I loooooove the black and white of Santa.
    The person to my respect; John Fitzgerald Kennedy

  7. What a great Thanksgiving break!!! :) Putting up Christmas decorations to the Frozen soundtrack - I like the way you two think! :D

  8. Love your outfit, polka dots look cute on you! So glad you are enjoying time with your mom being home!! I am almost positive longer weekends go by faster than regular weekends :( but it's probably because I always jam pack my long weekends lol. Catching up on your posts ;) So fun!


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