Wednesday, October 22, 2014

When you get emotional...

...just let it happen. That's kind of a new motto I've picked up, Lately, I've been getting choked up over the smallest of things. I've found myself lately stepping back, realizing, wow...I've got an amazing husband, and serve SUCH an amazing God.

Sunday when I was able to put my dress back on for my friends photo shoot...Caleb zipped me up and mentioned how funny it was, its like I was a different bride with my brown hair. Seeing him in a fun little get-up wasn't half bad, either!!

More than just having a blast getting our pictures taken while wearing my wedding dress for an hour or so...I have to talk a little bit about my experience at the photo shoot, and how it inspired me, as a photographer, and as a wife.

There was a shot that Reese (Renee's fiancé) took and he looked at the back of his camera, and said something about how much he could tell Caleb loved me...I hid the not-so-dry eyes I was beginning to get, and went about having a blast letting him twirl me in my dress, being silly with me...etc. Fast forward through an hour of laughter, hilarious calf grabbing (yes, you read that right), and some silly games...and we had nearly reached the end. Renee had one final idea, and she wrapped us up in a blanket in the middle of this gorgeous field as the sun was setting. Then she asked us to close our eyes as we faced each other, and think back to our wedding day, and what our favorite part was. Before she could even finish telling us to think about our wedding day, the tears had already begun.

Our wedding day was so special to me, and at first, I thought the emotion coming back to me in that moment might be a little embarrassing. While I started to apologize for my tears, Renee said "Kayla, don't apologize, it's okay..." so calm, and just let us have a solid minute of silence.  I think it was the fact that I was back in wedding-day mindset, and the fact that I was in the middle of the most gorgeous sunset...but God spoke to me in that moment. I went back to every moment of my wedding, and one of my favorite parts of our day? When Caleb was willing to feel insanely vulnerable in front of EVERYONE who was important to us, and sing to me, playing the cords to one of our favorite songs he'd only learned 3 days before. He told me his favorite moment was when the doors opened and he saw me walking towards him for the last time as only his fiancĂ©. Goodness, I love that man.

I felt so inspired after that photo shoot with them, that I had an engagement shoot scheduled for the next day. Normally, after working all day at the office, my only desire is to go straight home, eat and relax. But this time? I was ready for a full hour of fun with this couple. I started looking at that hour as more than "work", but an experience. It's my job to make these clients happy, have a blast with them, and remind them just HOW in love with each other they truly are. I want them for just a moment, to even forget the camera is in front of them, capturing their every move.

Sure, love isn't always easy...but it shouldn't be too hard either. It should be the kind of thing that comes easy to you. Nothing short of laughing 'til you cry in the kitchen, staying up until 2AM on a Tuesday night just because, and ordering a dang pizza together even when one of you is on a diet.

Happy Wednesday, everybody. Hug your loved ones!!


  1. PLEASE KEEP YOUR DARK HAIR FOREVER. You look seriously sooo stunning! (not that you don't with blonde hair, but I especially love the brunette look on you!!!) Yall are precious. We all get a little emotional sometimes. I vote we all embrace it!

  2. I can't. I just can't. His face when he saw you at the ceremony? Your gorgeous dark hair in that beautiful dress? How much you love each other?! *sigh* Sometimes I feel like your blog is the truest, sweetest romance novel I've ever read.

  3. So I totally teared up reading this! LOVE! All of it is beautiful! So happy to call you a blog friend :)
    And side note...your hair truly looks amazing that color :)

  4. So sweet, loved reading this. Those moments are so beautiful, it's when God is just really opening our eyes to what He's graciously given, it's so overwhelming and so good.

    on a lighter note, did they take pictures of yall with a Polaroid? that's cool!

  5. you make me want to take out my wedding dress and give it another go for my 2nd anniversary yet I doubt that we could do better than that top polaroid! plus just like everybody else--your dark hair is seriously working it!

  6. Please, please, please post these pictures when they are ready!! I am dying to see!! You guys are seriously the cutest and are a true testament to TRUE love!

  7. I agree with Brittany! This is like the sweetest but real romance novel!!! I'm SO happy for you friend! :)

  8. This was so sweet to read. Just like your photographer could tell he loved you by the way he looked at you, I can tell you love him by the way you write about your love. Also, I love the polaroids!

  9. Precioussssss ;) Those pictures are going to be adorable!

  10. This is absolutely beautiful. Made me tear up reading about you guys' love for each other and that special moment in the field as the sun was setting. Love this whole post! Also, love that you guys put your wedding clothes back on for later photos! My husband and I did that for our one year anniversary and I LOVE those photos! :)

    Hi, by the way! I stumbled across your blog from Allison's (Nestful of Love). :)

  11. This made me teary eyed! I can totally understand the raw emotion and so glad you were able to experience it :)


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