Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Caleb's golden birthday!

When the clock hit 4:30 last Friday I couldn't get out of my cubicle fast enough. Sweet freedom! It was time to start the celebrating. I told Caleb we were due for a classic dinner/movie night out, and since his birthday was that weekend it was the perfect excuse! So, Skyline and a movie it was.
 I had already purchased Calebs real birthday gift (more on that to come in a moment), but I'd picked up quite a few extra photography gigs to cover some extra fun for his birthday...so I told him we could go to Marshalls and pick him up a few things. You know what he picked out? A stinking reversible drying mat for our dishes, and a new dish brush to wash dishes with. I mean?!!? He loves his "chores" ;) once we got home we watched the new Transformers movie and then headed for bed.

We had a beautiful wedding to shoot Saturday! We had a lot of down time at the reception, and I'm not exaggerating when I say I was sore the next morning when I woke up! WOW! We literally had this old man come up to us and say "you two have too much fun to just be photographers"...we'll take that as a compliment, sir ;)

Sunday morning was just amazing. So I'll spill the beans to you now. Caleb's gift was a pair of tickets to the Bengals game...in much better seats than he's used too! So I woke up, and got ready for "church", and while he was taking a shower, I had his brother and his cousin come over to sneakily surprise him to help him reveal his present from me. Once he got out of the shower, he walked into the living room while he was brushing his teeth and they screamed "SURPRISE" at him and he about swallowed his toothbrush! Haha! It was amazing. I recorded it, but I won't show you...since he WAS in his towel ;) cracked me the heck up. Anyway, I gave him his new Bengals shirt to wear (which he loved) and we were off to tailgate with their friends.

If you're a Bengals fan, or even caught any of the game at all....it was an incredible game to witness. Being a Bengals fan is always emotionally exhausting and we can't help but love it! Seeing the joy on his face all day was SO worth every penny spent. I just love his smile :)

I literally almost threw up the last 4 minutes of the game, but the Win we pulled out was more than worth it!!! He said to me multiple times throughout the day that this was the best birthday he's ever had. Man, I love that guy!

We spent the rest of the evening relaxing, and unplugged. It was just what we needed!! Then we made some of the most delicious red velvet cupcakes together...it was so fun!

We had the best weekend, even with working! So thankful for that man of mine and for fun weekends together. Hope you had a fun one!!


  1. You are racking up some best wife points with that surprise!! ;) Sounds (and looks) like a blast! I love that first picture of him at the game. Pure. Bliss. Feel free to come plan my birthday next year...

  2. Best present ever? Seriously, getting surprised with Bengals tickets is the perfect birthday gift. Also, it had to be the best game to see in person! So exciting!

  3. What a wonderful birthday weekend!!! :) I'm glad you guys could fit in all of your favorite things and the Bengals could pull out a win for him!! Now you got me thinking about Skyline.... :)

  4. what an awesome way to celebrate!! Happy birthday Caleb!

  5. You are such an awesome wife!! It's so hard to pull off surprising people, but you did it!! What a great weekend.

  6. LOL, probably a good choice on NOT posting the video ;) But that is awesome! So glad you guys were able to celebrate the golden bday despite all kinda of busy schedules!

  7. You are the best wife ever! What a fun filled weekend friend.

  8. oh my gosh, i can only image the video of you guys surprising caleb. sounds like it was a great golden birthday!


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