Thursday, August 14, 2014

So, we're official cat sitters.

Last Saturday a couple from church dropped off their adorable little cat that we would be 'sitting' for an entire week. I'm not what you would call a "cat lady", by any means... but I do have a soft spot for their sweet faces and adorable purrs!

Meet Loki...yes, like Thor's brother.

He is adventurous, psychotic, and scared all at once. We love him! It's hilarious, because technically, Caleb's allergic to cats...but if he doesn't rub his hands all over him, then touch his face, he's good. It's kind of like babysitting, you clean up their crap, pick up their toys, and make sure they don't go into the spare bedroom alone...and we get to give him back this weekend! It's a win-win :)

I'm doing typical things "new parents" do... pictures every 4 minutes, snuggling with him like he's the cutest cat in the world, and watching him like a hawk. I'm finding that at 9pm sharp, he turns into this psycho...jumping off the walls, catching invisible flies, and being terrified of even air.

Yet, we're having a blast. I love this little guy!

Also, this happens every time I open my computer... its hard to blog this week ;) see?!

Here's to seeing what the rest of the week holds for us!

I'm hoping the next two days fly by at I can enjoy my weekend! August has been pretty low key (bah, I just made myself laugh there, as this whole post has been about Loki), and every weekend this fall is essentially booked up with a wedding that we're either shooting, or a part of. I can't wait though! Just gotta take it day by day!

Happy Thursday, friends!


  1. I'm digging the name Loki/all the jokes you could make about things being low-key! The possibilities are endless! Haha--Happy Almost Friday!

  2. Enjoy cat time! I'm totally not a cat person either, a bit allergic especially if I sit on the floor of a house that has one. There's only one cat I had to become a fan of, her name was Lacey and it was my Dad's secretary's cat. We'd catsit it all the time when she was gone so I got to know her but man did she outlive her 9 lives and was mean at the end. But I'll never forget Lacey...just like you won't forget Loki!

  3. As a non-cat person, Loki is seriously SO pretty! :) And that video at the end, lol!!

  4. Such a cute kitty :) Our cat Diamond does the exact same thing when you are on the computer, reading a magazine, etc. lol!

  5. Haha I bet Caleb loves his name :P I wasn't a big cat fan until we had some of our own. They're great cuddlers when they want to be but definitely have their bouncing of walls moments as well :)

  6. What a pretty kitty! and i love that name!

  7. Hahaha.. if you're in the market for one, I have the perfect psychotic, evil kitty cat.. I'd pay someone to adopt him at this point, lol.

  8. Typical new parents.... I do that too: snap photos constantly!!!

  9. SO jealous. I wish someone would give me some kitties to hold onto for a week or two. :)

  10. OMG, that cat is gorgeous! (Yes, I'm catching up on reading posts.)


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