Tuesday, July 1, 2014


Hello: July
Goodbye: June...seriously, how'd that go so fast!?

Hello: husbands new sexy haircut.
Goodbye: long neck hair.

Hello: to a fresh new dew!! YAY! My friend Becca hooked me up last night, I'm thrilled!
Goodbye: nasty old roots!! Hopefully we won't see each other for weeks ;)

Hello: wedding edits
Goodbye: life

Hello: gym. It's been like 2 weeks. The second half of June was TOO busy for you, sorry!
Goodbye: belly fat. You are getting the boot ;)

Hello: Ang! I missed you :)
Goodbye: the time that had gone by since we hadn't seen each other. A few weeks is too long.

Hello: short week. The offices are closing at 1:00 on Thursday.
Goodbye: brain. Short weeks pretty much turn my brain into mush.

Hello: running watch.
Goodbye: bare wrist.

Hello: photo shoots. Seriously, they are taking over my life (but I like it)
Goodbye: quality time with my couch.

Hello: slight sunburn. I'm glad to see you.
Goodbye: vampire skin. You won't be missed.

Hello: Ebay, Craigslist, and yard sales.
Goodbye: random old stuff that needs sold. We want some extra cash!

Seriously though...last month FLEW. The fact that June is already considered "last month" blows my mind...but here we are. Lets do this July, prepare to be enjoyed!
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  1. I am loving your hair. It just screams Kayla. hehe YAY for lots of "hello" to great things!!

  2. Love the hair and I can totally relate with vampire skin. That's my life...all year long.

  3. Goodbye long neck hair--- haha, definitely something I enjoy saying bye to as well! ;)

  4. Love this post- I laughed through the whole thing!

  5. I love your hair!! And I'm with Brittany, vampire skin allll year - I just burn and go back to it haha. Seriously how is it July?!!

  6. oh my goodness, the long neck hairs. yes! they grow so fast--silly men!

  7. Too bad you're nowhere near STL - I'd use you for photos for Christmas, etc. I don't see any trips to your area anytime soon either.

    I hear ya on the gym. I think because its hot out, I don't want to sweat inside, haha!

  8. Haha! Vampire skin :-p Mine is pretty white too!

  9. Your hair looks amazing!!!! And I totally relate to vampire skin...I need some sunshine! Thanks for linking up dear...can't wait to see you soon! :)

  10. Bahah!!! Vampire skin..that's basically me all the time. And also....I've been a slacker at the gym as well. I doubt you have any kind of belly fat, though, missy.

    Your hair looks AMAZING!!!!

  11. Your hair looks great! and I TOTALLY agree about the vampire skin! I need some color! Especially on my blinding legs. And that is so great about the photo shoots! How exciting to have your dreams coming true!

  12. Your hair looks great! Fresh cuts and color are the best! And YEH! for short work weeks!

  13. i love your new hair! you always look so cute!

    i'm working on purging my closet and hopefully getting some extra cash as well... thinking about setting up an instagram account, i've seen a lot of people have luck with those. good luck with yours!


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