Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ABC action.

Still no vacation recap...I enjoyed a night in with Caleb and we decided to finally start a new season of shows (Even though we promised we wouldn't for a while, whoops!), 30 Rock! We're loving it so far. Also, I wanted to wish my EMILY the happiest of birthdays ever!! She and I have talked for probably nearly two years and she's just as sweet as they come. I hope you have the best day ever, ma'am!!!

*Back to my regularly scheduled post*
I hadn't done a random "about me" post in a while, and I've seen these floating around the blog-world many times, so I figured why not finally join in!? I have no idea if I did this right...just go with it ;) I present to you...

The ABC's of me!

A. Ambitious.
B. Believer.
C. Caleb, he's my hottie husband.
D. Dogs are better than cats.
E. Eaaaaatttttts a lot.
F. FOODIE. Total foodie; I love funnel cakes, filet mignon, marshmallow fluff, and fruit. See what I did there?
G. Good at eating.... ha! Can I mention that 3 times in a row!?
H. Hugger. I'm a TOTAL hugger...and not that pansy one-shoulder-tap type hugger, I'mma bring you in for a big one!
I. Imperfect, but embracing my flaws.
J. Joyful, trying to keep a "glass half full" mentality on life!
K. My first initial :)
L. Lover. I love animals, people, and food...so much food.
M. Moved about 7 times in my life, causing me to go to 4 different schools growing up!
N. Nice. I have many friends who tell me I'm "too nice" (which can sometimes be a problem)!
O. Optimistic.
P. Pursuing my passion that is PHOTOGRAPHY, and loving every step along the way.
Q. Quirky. I'm pretty weird...end of story.
R. Runner. I may not be the best, but at least I'm trying!
S. Sarcastic at times. I can't help myself!
T. Type A and Type B. I have both a crazy organized planning part of my brain, and also an insanely spontaneous "go with the flow" part, too. I confuse myself.
U. Unique. I really think everyone's got their own crazy qualities that make them, them.
V. Very happy.
W. Wanderlust. I seriously never stop thinking about traveling. I'm always pinning travel destinations, thinking about a weekend getaway, or dreaming of spending my days in unexplored parts of the world.
X. Yeah I've got nothing for this...not many words start with X, sorry ;)
Y. Years of age -- 22. Soon to change!
Z. Zoo. Cincinnati has an amazing one and I haven't been in so long. I love seeing all the animals!

If that wasn't the most random Tuesday post ever, I'm not sure what is.
Enjoy today!


  1. Loved this idea, and it made me love you even more :) Also, the too nice thing... yeah, I'm with ya on that one, big time!

  2. Wanderlust is reallllll. Jared and I planned like 7 trips last night, ha! Fictional ones of course :)

  3. I can verify that you are a great hugger!! :) I really wish I could take a week off every month to travel!!

  4. Right there with you on the wanderlust! Currently trying to pin down a honeymoon destination and someoneeee (me) seems to forget the whole travel-costs-money thing ;) oops!

  5. As you can probably tell from last night I'm a total hugger too! Haha some people just don't get it! So glad to have finally met you last night! I would LOVE to do something again (in smaller groups - it was kind of overwhelming)!

  6. It was so wonderful to finally meet you! You're the sweetest - that should have been your word for S!


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