Thursday, May 15, 2014

Thursday brain dump.

Nothing huge to post here today...just thought I'd let everyone know to stay off the roads because my baby brother called me the minute he left his drivers test yesterday and told me he GOT HIS LICENSE! ;) I just knew it when I saw his call coming through, I stopped what I was working on in my cubicle and was so loud on the phone (I know, I'm so professional) with my congratulations to him. I remember how exciting that was, and I want him to know how proud I am!

That being said -- I think it would be fun to make him a "car emergency kit". I'd include a TON of stuff, but here are a few things I'd surely include.

-Car charger (for when he gets lost and his phone is dead so he doesn't have to ask scary gas station employees like I did!)...
-Amor All wipes to keep his whip clean when his whip gets dusty!
-A flashlight, you never know!
-Lots of air fresheners...because boys are stinky.
-A gas gift card, because I love him.
-A fleece blanket for that time his car breaks down in the winter and he has no heat (I know this all too well).

Have any of you ever made a car emergency kit? I've actually been doing a lot of searching and these things are no joke! I truly need to be better about having these things stowed away in my trunk. An emergency may not seem so bad if I'm somewhat prepared!

Happy Thursday!


  1. YAY, Brandon!!!! :) I always keep a blanket (or 3) in the trunk of my car-- you seriously never know when you need one! My dad always told me as a teen to keep a pair of tennis shoes and socks in the trunk, lol! He hated flip-flops and always would say "If you broke down and had to walk somewhere, you'd probably break an ankle in those sandals!!" haha

  2. That's such a great gift idea for a new driver...or anyone for that matter...especially since that fleece blanket is a BENGALS one.

  3. Aw, congrats to your brother!! I have a little brother too, and watching him hit all these milestones always makes me feel so terribly old. The next milestone will be when he proposes to his gf and I don't know if I'll be able to handle it!! Haha =)

  4. Congrats to your brother! That is such an exciting moment and great feeling of new freedom :) My mom got me one of those when i was in high school and it's still in my trunk!

  5. Congrats! I remember how exciting that day was! I think I was the only friend who was there the day I turned 16. I needed that license like I needed my next breath!

    Love the idea of a car emergency kit. I got stuck in a snow storm once - almost ran out of gas, my cell phone died and I got stuck in the middle of intersection in the snow. I think you've got the basics covered - maybe add some jumper cables in there too!

  6. MITTENS. I've always kept a few pairs. They have come in handy in the winter if I see someone that doesn't have any - I'm able to give them away. Also, those days you weren't expecting snow and you have to clean off the car and you forget gloves. :) Congrats to your brother!

  7. congratulations to him! one year for christmas, my parents got all of me and my older siblings (we were married and such) emergency car kits. we teased my mom forever about that--but oh my gosh, I love that thing now! hahah! but maybe not for a christmas gift...;) ha!

  8. Isn't it crazy watching your little siblings reach a new milestone? So excited for your brother!! And you're such a great sister.....awesome emergency kit! I need one.

  9. That would be a great idea Kayla. Also a snow scraper, then you wouldn't have to use your gloves. :)


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