Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Can't wipe this smile off!

Hey friends, I'm back. Sometimes, Monday's just aren't a day for blogging...I couldn't make time for it, and that's okay.

Lately, I just find myself being happy, like more so than usual. It seems like this entire year has been nothing but blessings (aside from my poor car breaking down a few times...she's still alright!). I find myself being happy to wake up on a Monday, happy to get to the gym before 6AM, happy to come home and try a new recipe.

Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it felt like Spring last week? We almost got into the 70's one day. I couldn't believe it. As for today...there is a fresh huge pile of snow on the ground in Cincy, and I'm already ready to kiss it goodbye. I'm not quire sure what it is, but I'm just feeling extra blessed right now and can't help but smile most of my day.

What's making me smile right now?

Sweet little Nora willingly cuddle with Caleb and I last night. We played dress up, we loved on her, and loved on her some more. She is just the sweetest thing.

My chocolate protein shakes.

Getting some amazing, teary eyed news from an incredible friend recently.

Peppermint tea out of my favorite mug, daily.

A clean apartment. Seriously, its been GROSS lately. I won't hide that fact...dirty dishes, dirty laundry, blankets on the floor, 2 day old food wrappers on the counter, kitchen sink full, toothpaste crusted sink...okay, you get it. I spent about an hour last night cleaning it before bed. Caleb always pokes fun at me that I get these random cleaning spurts at the latest hours of the night. I just can't help it!

Getting our taxes done in FEBRUARY this year! GO US!

A spontaneous lunch date with this beauty yesterday.
No, this was not taken yesterday. I only wish it was this warm out!!
The cutest birth announcements from a dear friend...seriously, her daughters name is Posy. How adorable!?? & seriously, she's one of the most gorgeous little gals ever! I can't wait to meet her.

That baseball season starts in less than a couple short months. I can't WAIT to go to Red's games this year!

Finishing our summer bucket list!

So, what's making you happy this year?? I hope that even through the tough days, you find something to smile about :)


  1. Aw...I loved this post. I always start to clean when I am SUPPOSED to be getting ready to go somewhere. I could have ALL day to clean and not do it...but an hour before our movie time or appointment, etc. I'm like, "I THINK I CAN GET IT DONE REAL FAST!!!" Haha...I love the name Posy. That's super cute. Tim and I have a date to see his old high school team play a tournament game which will be fun. He bought me flowers this week and they're still alive & seem to be getting prettier by the day! :) Have a great week, hon!

  2. The sun coming out is definitely helping my smile and attitude! As does reading your blog ;) As do random cleaning spurts of my apartment...

  3. Yes! CT had a glorious 50 degree heat wave and I loved every single second of it and I may or may not have worn shorts out. Haha. Love that you are loving life lately, friend! =)

  4. This weekend's weather was amazing!!! The fact that it is snowing right now does not make me a happy camper :( Though then I remember I get to see a certain friend in a few short weeks and I'm back to being happy hehe. Also I get to go try on my bridemaid's dress this afternoon!

  5. Ahhh I have that same mug and they are the best! And hello, don't we all have crazy cleaning spurts?! Sometimes I just can't take it anymore!

  6. 70??!!! I am so jealous! I am watching it "movie snow" out the slider door--you know, the kind of snow you see in movies (perfect snowflakes lazily making their way to the ground).
    My goal is to stay on top of the cleaning around here. I'm getting better!

  7. sweet sweet kayla. oh how i love your blog! thanks for the shout out on our newest addition.

    (btw, we are coming to cincy for the whole month of july! we are DEFINITELY getting together when i am there.. so count on it, sister!)

  8. Your happiness is contagious! You are just a ray of sunshine. It's nice to hear someone count their blessings.

  9. I 100% agree that the weather plays a big part in happiness. OH my goodness, yes!! And Posy really is such an adorable name...ohmy goodness!! I finally cleaned my house last week after it being so disturbing for weekkssss and it really does feel amazing.

  10. I'm glad that you're having an extra joyful time these days!! :)


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