Friday, August 2, 2013

The F word.

Foooootbaaaalllll, duh.
I keep it classy around here, you know that.

My amazing sister in law, all about when she told me she was doing this one-time link up that was ALL about football, I was pumped.
Along with football, also brings FALL. You know I can't wait for plaid shirts, tall boots, hot chocolate, marshmallow fluff by the jar, crunchy leaves that I'll go slightly out of my way to step on...and most of all, football.

Soo, how many reasons can I think of as to why I looove football?
Lets see.

1. It's a great excuse to get all worked up over something that me and three of my favorite people in the world all agree on. Bonding with them over Bengals games kind of completes my life. See below.

Yes, that is Erin and I with our men in Tennessee right before we KNEW we were taking down the Titans!

2. It feels good to care so much about a team you have no control over. Its kind of weird...we're not like woo Go Bengals... more like our days are somewhat ruined if they don't pull a win out for us. Even more so when they let the Steelers (our natural born enemies) intercept a pass, or beat us in general. My dad is a Steelers fan, but I like to think its just to annoy me and not because its his actual choice. This is what we look like after a fresh win!

3. When there is an away game we can't make it too, its the perfect excuse to lounge in sweats, and eat fatty foods all day... & its a fact that NO Bengals game is complete without tall glasses of Mountain Dew.

4. It's a time for Erin and I to wear as many matchy-matchy outfits as possible and care about our team way more than the average girl.

5. Being at the stadium is a huge rush...the fans all worked up, drinks spilling, peanuts thrown, losing your voice over a terrible ref call...ahh that is the life.

6. Perfect photo ops. This is probably one of my favorite pictures of Caleb and I...

7. Game day snacks make my heart skip a beat...

8. The ladies gear is pretty darn cute.

9. It makes betting against your co-workers a blast.

10. Fantasy football, woo!

Caleb is probably the worlds #1 sports fan...the dude knows like everything there is to know about everyone. It's kind of intimidating... like every stat, every player, every position, etc. I just nod my head and take it all in as best I can. But seriously, my valentines present this past year?
(which brings me to my next point...)
11. The gear makes amazing presents...Caleb got me my first EVER real Bengals jersey. Can't even wait to rock it!

Oh also, my girl Kaitlynnn sent me a surprise package in the beginning of the year. I wear it all the time I was going to wear it while I ran, and Caleb made it very clear if I ruined it he'd be upset.

& my Dad got us a Bengals PONCHO for Christmas. That is love.

12. Bengals games are just plain fun. They lift my spirits, and its fun to be hopeful of a win. It's just fun to get SO excited over something...its honestly just a way of life for us!

We had just got engaged, couldjaa tell? ;)
So, who's with me?!?! Laaaadies, haanddss uppp... you know the song.
But for real, anybody else ready for football season!?
I am!

Love, Fun & Fotball


  1. I love Erin's blog! And I can't wait for football season to start too!


  2. I'm a huge football fan. It's the overall goodness that comes with the win of a game and the united feeling over winning and losing. Weekends of food,friends, and fun watching football. Can't wait!

  3. Yes, I totally am ready for football season!! I LOVE this post... love love love it when other girls are so die hard about sports and their teams!! I used to love the NFL but have totally switched over to college in the last few years... I love it! Don't get me wrong, on Sundays a game will always be on in my house, but my passion is for the college boys. Either way, I can't wait for games this fall! Thanks so much for linking up!

  4. YAY! I am so excited for a billion fun Bengals wins with youuu!!!

  5. I think you have enough Bengals gear to wear something new every day of the season! Okay okay...maybe not.

  6. My favorite part of football is definitely the food. I like the Eagles but I watch more soccer than football. But you stick a bunch yummy delicious snacks in front of me and I can't say no haha.

  7. I have a Broncos poncho! My parents brought it back from Mexico. I'm so excited that football season is finally here!

  8. awww that picture of you and caleb could not be cuter. I hope you have that blown up and framed in your house somewhere!

  9. I love everything about this. You guys have the BEST photos. I need to get better about my football pictures this year.

  10. So ready! Aaaannnd, love the number on that jersey! ;-) AJ Green, ftw! Good choice, Caleb.
    Love this entire post & all of the spot-on points you make in it!

  11. Whodey!! I've been to Paul Brown for two games. Can't wait to go back. Boys will be Boys

  12. I CANNNNNNNOT wait for football season! So excited! WHOOO-DEYYY!

  13. That picture of you and Caleb at the stadium is soooo good! I've been to a couple Bengals games, but not at Paul Brown - would love to go sometime (but not necessarily when they're playing the Steelers since that's my team...sorry). I'm so happy that they make so much fun ladies' gear!

  14. We're not Bengals fans but you make a very convincing case to be one haha! I'm with you about the husband being a sports fan fanatic. But seriously, how do they know players and stats for every team in the NFL?! Mind blown.

  15. I LOVE football! But Zach could care less about sports... kind of a bummer, but hey, he's cute! ;) I'm so excited for Sunday afternoons in front of the TV watching our Bengals. :)


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