Friday, May 3, 2013

My night out!

So I'm currently typing this from my room...which is weird cause I should be at the office. I decided to take a half day, since I didn't get home until CRAZY late last night...and tonight we have a "lock in" with the youth group at church...which means NO SLEEP for Kayla until Saturday morning at 10AM. I'm excited, though! Just sleepy :)

Onto more important things besides my sleep deprived self.

Last night, a co worker and I scored free tickets to see The Sister Act from our office. We found out last minute the show didn't start until 8 so we decided we'd frolick around downtown and grab dinner first.

We went to a semi-fancy joint called Via Vite, luckily though it was happy hour so I scored this monster of a pizza for $6! I ate about half too, which means lunch for me will be quite delicious.

I decided to text my girl, Ashley yesterday morning when I put this outfit on...her immediate response "UM! OUTFIT POST, TOMORROW!" -- girl. is. crazy. ;) this is the closest thing you'll probably ever get from me to an "outfit post". I don't pose well...I get super I decided to take a shot next to the ad for the show? 

Seriously though, dinner was amazing...and SUPER cheap. I love being downtown. I've never been to NYC, but I'd say we have our own little slice of heaven down here. The nightlife, the food, the atmosphere, its really amazing.

Something funny happened right before the show started... Dana (my co worker) bought some junior mints to enjoy during the show...she got one down her throat, and the entire box.... one by one...trickled down the descending aisle way... we tried to play it off like we had no idea what happened. All the while I cannot breathe from laughing so hard, and an innocent woman says to her "Ma'am, did you see? Your chocolates fell!" HA. It was adorable, and we had to be all "ohh nooo, shucks!" ... we are not good at faking.

I love the Aronoff center though, its beautiful and the seats are velvet like they were in the olden days. The show was amazing... a funny comedy that I'd DEFINITELY recommend. I love me a good musical.

I know, its unbelievably red in there, but this is the best we could get.
This weekend I am looking forward to the youth group "Lock in" at church....

getting some MUCH needed sleep...and BUYING OUR WEDDING BANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have a good one, friends :) 


  1. Oh bless your heart. "lock-in/lock-out" is like a dirty word in youth ministry ;) Somehow Jordan has avoided a lock-in for the entire (almost) 4 years we've been serving at our current church. Good luck!!!!

  2. 1. I'd like that pizza right now for lunch. 2. I said it on IG but your outfit is adorable!! 3. What a cool theater - I hope the show was great! 4. AHHH WEDDING BANDS! :) Have a great weekend! Hopefully filled with lots of sleep after tonight!

  3. I'm glad y'all had fun! I can't wait to see the bands!

  4. So jealous you ladies got to see Sister Act... request an extra ticket for me next time ;) Glad you and Dana had fun!!

  5. What a fun girls night out!!! Have fun tonight! You are gonna be BEAT tomorrow. :) I have my own youth fun this weekend too...Girl Scout camp! Lucky me!!! ;)

  6. Your outfit is adorable! And I have been to NYC, but still think Cincy is pretty great!!! Sister Act would be so fun to see live!!

  7. This summer Sister Act is coming to the Schuster Center here in Dayton and I want to see it sooooo bad!!!!

    And your outfit is adorable!

  8. Well shoot that is a pretty darn good outfit post IMHO! Have a great weekend!

  9. Sounds like a wonderful night!!! And you looked adorbs. ;-) Hope you're getting some good sleep after the all nighter.

  10. YAYY for posting an outfit!!! I'm so glad it was a good show...the chocolates thing sounds like something I would do (well, I HAVE done it before) :-)

    Have you been able to catch up on any sleep?!


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