Wednesday, April 17, 2013


You know what that means? RANDOMNESS. My favorite time of the week...(except Friday, and Saturday...and, well Sunday too. BUT you get the picture...)

- The wedding countdown is now in the 30's!!

-That I got to facetime with my swweeeeet sweet Alexaaaa on Saturday. I love her 17x more now, and we thought that wasn't possible? ;)

-Even though I'm not moved into the apartment yet, Caleb and I wanted to have "our better halves" over... don't act like you don't know who that is... DUH! Erin and her hubs!! They are our FIRST dinner guests!

-I am over halfway on my running goal for the month... 22.3 miles in to be exact!

-It is crazy that the time above included 5 minutes of a "cool down walk" at the end and I STILL beat my only official 5K time ever from last May. Makes me a happy girl!

-How God is moving in our lives. Volunteering with our church's youth group has been SUCH a blessing. & we get to show them how you really play ball ;)

-THAT A FRIEND GOT ENGAGED LAST NIGHT!!!! (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to announce who just yet, sorry!)

-I'm on Amanda's blog today, go check it out!

-That I wore a dress to work this week. Spring is finally hereeee! 

-I also can't believe how YELLOW my bathroom lights are at home. ?!?!?!?


-That my FIFTEEN year old brother cooked himself dinner the other night. We're talking baked chicken, steamed broccoli and a baked potato. What?!??

That is my "baby" brother in the middle. :)
-All the new faces around this blog. You guys are amazing. PLEASEEE please please say hi to me :) I love getting to know you all.



  1. So many happy things in this post!! :) Way to go with your running - I think you'll finish before the month is over!! And can you just come work clothes shopping with me because those outfits are so cute!!

  2. you are the happiest person in the world and I LOVE IT! And a facetime with me better be added to next week's list!

  3. Yay for running! You go girl! :) And I agree with Becky, your work outfits are really cute so I'd totally tag along for work clothes shopping :P

  4. Can we pleeease just go on a work wardrobe shopping spree ASAP?! :) So proud of you and your running- get it lady!!

  5. stopping by from the because shanna said so link up.

  6. Agree with the whole finally being able to wear dresses and sandals thing- love that it's finally starting to look like spring!

  7. So do the 4 of you live in the same town? Or just really close? I love that you all are such great friends.

    Where did your brother learn to cook like that? Nice!!

  8. isn't it so fun to host dinner at 'your place' eek!!

  9. Nice work on the running. I'm slacking this month, but hope to hit the pavement tonight if it isn't SNOWING. I need spring now.

  10. You go girl on your run! I'm so behind on my 30 miles in 30 days... it doesn't help that it's rained all week and going to the rest of the week.

  11. Wahoo awesome job with your running! Isn't that such a great feeling of accomplishment!? I think I want to do one of those challenges next month :)

  12. Impressed with your brother cooking! I can't wait for my kids to get old enough to cook for me. Right now they are so little that opening the fridge is a huge task. Baby steps. My iphone pictures always look yellow. I don't know what the deal is!! Cute looks by the way.


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  13. In the 30s?! Wahoo! And you are kicking butt on your mile challenge. I am impressed!

  14. You and Alexa got to chitty chat???? No fair! I am jealous!! And woot on your running goals...and that brother of yours can come cook for me anytime!! :)

  15. I love love love random Wednesday bc I just love randomness and you. Yay for being half way to yor running goal. You make me so proud. And encourage me to get to moving for sure. Love you sweet friend. Have a great Thursdsy.

  16. That is awesome, you're totally going to finish your goal miles! I'm pretty sure my little brother can't make anything for himself that doesn't involve the microwave.


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