Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Good news. My MOH Lyndsie is home from Cali for Spring break! I know right? She came to Ohio for SB?!? Well, its cause she loves me THAT much and she is throwing my first bridal shower this Saturday! 

We celebrated our birthdays together at Benihana... we were babies. Ripe age of 19.
Speaking of how awesome she is... lets talk about the fact that she ordered her MOH dress from Modcloth, it came in... and she tried it on for me last night and guess what?
Did I expect anything less? Girl is teeensy.

 Switching subjects ended up snowing here like FREAKING crazy last night up until this morning.& all I could think about is how badly I wanted to stay home, get in sweats, drink hot chocolate.. and bake something warm.

Speaking of baking....

I know quite a few of you asked for my recipe for the "Cheese Pockets" I spoke of during my random Wednesday post quite a few weeks back. SURPRISE - they don't actually have CHEESE in them.
Sorry, folks.
I happen to make these for work back in January (and last minute for a chili cook off) so you even get a couple iPhone pictures of this masterpiece creation.

Ingredients needed:

2 packages of Cream Cheese
2 tubes of Original Crescent Rolls
1 Cup of Sugar
1 Tsp Vanilla
1 Egg Yolk
1 Ugly Christmas Sweater

just kidding... but it does make baking more fun, guys.

In your blender (unless you can use a spatula and your hand, & trust me... you can't), mix together the 2 packages of cream cheese, cup of sugar, tsp of vanilla and the 1 egg yolk until blended well.

Layer first roll of crescent rolls on the bottom of a 9x13" pan (perfect fit).
Once the mixture above is blended to a smooth consistency, lather it on top of the crescent rolls in pan.

Then, once the first layer of crescent rolls are covered with the mixture, throw on the second layer of crescent rolls on top. In the meantime, make a light cinnamon/sugar mixture to sprinkle on top before sticking it in the oven for 20 minutes on 400 degrees.

After it comes out looking amazing, let it cool for about 45 minutes, then stick it in the fridge over night.

I know it doesn't look beautiful, but hey... I was in a rush ;)
Then the next morning, cut into bite size pieces (I always throw more sugar on top afterwards, duh!)

ENJOY! Let me know if you try it out!
PS- if you made it through this ridiculously random post, 4 candies for you, you go glenn coco!


  1. Those do sound YUM! And I'm loving the snow because I got a snow day and am in my pjs. I'll bake something and think of you!

  2. I like cheese. I like pockets. I think I will like these!!

  3. Yummm I'm putting those cheese pockets on my list of things to make! :) I got a text from my mom this morning about how my dogs were making "snow dogs" so I thought we would have gotten the same amount of snow! Nope..only a few inches and now the sun is melting it away! But I am ready for spring anyways!

  4. Glennn Coco! I don't like cheese, but I love cream cheese, and these sound delicious. Who doesn't love Mod Cloth? That's awesome she got a dress from there.

  5. those things are amazing! I've made them before, and they taste a lot like cheesecake!

  6. yummmy!! btw I nominated you for the Liebster award today :) Idk if you've been nominated yet but you can check out my bloggy for details!

  7. I'm so excited Lyndsie is home and that you are having your first bridal shower this weekend!!! Ahhh!!! So excited for you.

    Ok..I'm definitely going to have to try these cheese pockets.

  8. I was like woah, this post is SO add... then I finished and I was like oh, it was Random Wednesday, I guess it was supposed to be. So duh, good job :)

    and I was also like why in the heck are you so tan in that photo (jealousy) but then I saw that it was not current. so duh again. lol

  9. ahhh so excited for your bridal shower! can't wait to see pictures :)

  10. first bridal shower!! exciting. also, anything with cream cheese = a winner

  11. Aw - so sweet that she's coming home to host your bridal shower. Hope it's fabulous, I'm sure it will be!
    Isn’t That Charming.

  12. Can't wait to see pics from your shower! I am def going to try those cheese pockets! So glad your MOH dress fit. That is never something you (or at least I) don't think about...until it is a week before and 3 of your 4 girls are saying their dresses don't fit. (true story) I would love to go to Ohio for SB! My dad is going up next week and I am jello that he is not taking me with him. haha! Way to go Glen Coco if you made it through this random comment.

  13. hooray for time with your MOH!!!! can't wait for your wedding day! and your cheese pockets look amazing!!! i always love cream cheese and crescent rolls in a recipe :)

  14. Oh my goodness, these look amazing! New follower here.. absolutely love your blog! Stopping by from :)

  15. Finally I have the recipe for the Cheese Pockets. BTW I made homemade chocolate chip cookies today they are in the cookie jar. Love you sweetness.


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