Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Embarrassing ones

So yesterday I showed you all the beautiful details and moments of my bridal shower. Well, here I am today to say there were some HILARIOUS and straight up embarrassing moments. I won't go into too many details (unless we email and I might slip some funny details), but I will let my ridiculous faces below do the talking.

Back story -- the women in Caleb's family literally go ALL out with gifts, and at the last two showers I've been too, even was embarrassed for the now that it was me, I knew it was gonna be bad...and oh, I know think I caught the worst of it. a good way.

All of the above were hilarious, embarrassing, but awesome gifts. Use your imagination, ladies.
See? They were funny.

As embarrassing as it may have been, I think I learned that its important to be able to laugh at yourself. & boy, did I learn!

*awkward transition*

My random's of the day:
Last night I addressed probably 100 invitations, which I think is quite the darn accomplishment!
Work is slowing down, sadly. Which means my days feel longer.
I'm slightly obsessed with Ashley & her adorable boys.
It is now officially 59 days until I get married. (woo woo!)
I am obsessed with my new pink and yellow post-its at the office.
I'm so ready for the snow to be gone. Bring on Spring!
I hate the tights I'm wearing today, I want to be in sweats.
I am loving miss Anna & her blog so much! Check her out nowww.

Happy Wednesday, every one!


  1. Now I want to know what was in all those gifts. You are too cute for words friend. Love you. Happy Wednesday.

  2. I want to know what was in all those bags! ;)

    You are too sweet!

  3. hahaha your facial expressions are amazing

  4. Your facial expressions are priceless. I want to know what all was so funny/embarrassing! You're adorable lady.

  5. Wanna talk about embarrassing? How about that time my husband gifted me some --ahem-- naughty Christmas gifts in front of his ultra-conservative, straight-laced, old-fashioned and completely neurotic mother. I just wanted to crawl in a hole and die. He thought it was hilarious.

  6. so funny! i can only imagine.. on that topperware it looks like a tube of toothpaste and a tube of... i'm not sure if it's that, so i'll use my imagination then. hahaha. glad you had fun!

  7. Your facial expressions are hilarious. I'm glad that at least they were embarassing, they were awesome, probably useful gifts ;)

  8. Haha oh gosh those pictures are so great!! I can only imagine :P that's too funny!

  9. These pictures are PERFECT! Now you'll have me spending the day trying to guess what is in the gifts. ha!

  10. haha I love this pictures!!! I'll be spending the rest of my day wondering what all the gifts were!

  11. The best bridal shower gifts are the embarrassing ones. Hope you enjoy them... If you know what I mean. ;-)

  12. These pictures are PERFECT!!! Oh my gosh. I want to know ALL the details.

    I'm slightly obsessed with you my friend ;-)

    Change into sweats the MINUTE you get home today!

  13. Love these shots, such great expressions! Yes it is always good to be able to laugh at yourself! I know I've gotten pretty darn good at it he he!

  14. ok.. I need an email. I may be behind blogging but I still read. I'd love a funny email of these gifts to cheer up my day! baha! TOO funny! AND I know the feeling of addressing thousands of invites. Hand exercises save your life!

  15. Those expressions are priceless! I can only imagine what was inside :) So glad you had a great shower!


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