Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My ladies: Part 2.

Happy new year, friends! Hope everyone was safe and had way too much fun! Caleb texted me the morning of New Years Eve and said "I'm so excited to enter into our wedding year tonight!!" & if I'm being honest, so was I. Take a wild guess of what I'm most excited about this year? ;)

{speaking of my wedding....}

So, you've already met the first two ladies who will be standing closest to me on my big day here... now its time to move on to the next 2 ladies :)

My second bridesmaid: Angie

Angie was my first college roommate ever. We hit it off instantly, with our weird personalities and awesome dance moves. Both of our "better halves" say that when we are together, we're straight up weirdos... probably because we talk in odd voices and say things no one else would really understand at inappropriate times. She is always  either laughing, smiling, or having a great time... oh and she could dye her hair green and still look super gorgeous. Its not even fair. This girl would drop anything for me and I love her for that. Although we only spent 1.5 years at college together, our friendship has remained constant and I am THRILLED to have her up there with me as I marry my best friend.


My third bridesmaid: Marie

Marie means so much to me, for so many reasons. I think she deserves a full post on this another time, because she played a huge role in my life as I became a Christian a few years ago. I looked to her at first as a mentor, and now as one of my best friends. She and her husband, Josh, are two people Caleb and I look up to in so many ways. They also get bonus points for having the most precious daughter in the world. Caleb and Josh hate it when we do our best Kristin Wiig or Amy Pohler impressions together, but they are used to it by now ;) ...  Marie and I get along so well, and will crack up at just about anything. She is such an encouraging voice in hard times, and I don't know where I'd be without her. I am so thankful she will be one of the few ladies standing beside me on my big day!!

I hope everyone is enjoying their morning, and remember those resolutions you made! I am excited and more determined than ever to achieve my goals. Know why? I made them realistic, and have great accountability! Here they are:

1. Run in another race (& just run more in general. A sweet new blog friend, Anna, sent me her amazing work out calendar to fill in and I am SO pumped to begin using it. I'd like to run either a 5K, 10K, or maybe more if I'm feeling crazy!)
2. Finish the entire Bible by Dec 31st (I started a devotional from the Bible app on my kindle)
3. Treat my body right (tons of water, more exercise, fewer sweets)
4. Learn to cook. ( more than just french toast and waffles...goodness gracious, I'm going to be a wife soon. I gotta brush up on the ole skills!)
5. Send snail mail at LEAST once a month (lets be honest, who doesn't love a sweet hand written letter or package for absolutely no reason? This also goes along with my overall goal to be more intentional with my relationships!)

So go ahead and tell me what some of YOUR realistic goals are. I can't wait to get to know each of you even more in this new year!


  1. Hey, guess what?! You're getting married this year! Last year at this time I was thinking the same thing- and now I can say that I got married last year! The time until your wedding will absolutely fly by- I hope you enjoy all of it!

    One of my resolutions? To stop "piling" stuff in the house. I'm horrible in that I can clean the house, and the next day I have a mail pile somewhere, clothes to be folded piled in laundry baskets, and other stuff piled everywhere! I gotta stop that!

    Wow... that was a really long comment. haha.


  2. Beautiful girls! you are surrounded by love becuase you are lovely :). love the idea of sending snail mail once a month.

  3. I'm honored that I get to stand up there with these 2 sweet gals too!!! :)

    Cheers to reaching ALL our goals in 2013!

  4. HAHA I have a friend I talk in odd voices with, too! Those are the best friendships

  5. I'm having 4 bridesmaids too, it seems like a lot of weddings I've been to have 5 or 6 + and its nice to know someone else is keeping it smaller. Once of my goals is to run more this year too, I did my first 5k in 2012 in each one I made a challenge for my self, finish in under XX:XX, run the entire time, ect, it helped me focus on me an doing my best regardless of where I finished.

  6. this is such a sweet post - how awesome of you to honor your friends with such kinds words. Being more intentional in my relationships was one of my resolutions last year, but it is so important it is making the list again this year and for all years. Also trying to cut down on the sweets, but it's so hard. And resolving to spend more time in the word.

  7. I'm so excited for you and your upcoming wedding. :) it will be here before you know it!
    Those are great goals for 2013. Some of mine would be to get my house organized ... Run a marathon... And start some bible study/ devotional reading regularly with the hubby. After settling into the whole marriage thing a year now, we finally are starting to get a routine and are ready to commit to more things. Happy new year!

  8. Yay for finally entering your wedding year. That's a big deal! I had 3 bridesmaids, and I had also met my MOH in the 7th grade. Oh middle school is a magical time. That is so sweet that you're doing these posts. I bet it's really nice for them to hear these sweet words, I'm sure it makes them so glad to be your bridesmaids!

  9. That text is the sweetest thing. I love these posts honoring your bridesmaids.

  10. I cannot even imagine the excitement you are feeling being in the wedding year! dun dun dun! How exciting. Also, loving your second resolution. My mom reads through the Bible every year and it is just something I need to get my behind in gear to do. This is the year for Genesis to Revelation.

  11. I feel like I miss so much of your awesomely fun life when I don't stop by for a few days! Love that your doing posts on your bridesmaids! Looking forward to seeing you accomplish your goals and create your dream wedding as the year progresses


  12. woohoo!!! you're getting married!!!!! sooo exciting, and so amazing that you have such sweet friends by your side :)

  13. That looks like Gino's East in the second picture! Awesome! Loved that place when I went to Chicago. I made a wish on the "Pizza Goddess"-- the waiter told us that those wishes ALWAYS come true. (And it did!) Love your list of resolutions. :)

  14. Ok, this is a really shallow comment...but your bridesmaids are super your wedding pictures are going to amazing!!! :-)

    I want to try to send snail mail as well. Don't you just love getting it yourself?

    I can't believe this is YOUR wedding year!!!! Ahhh...I'm so excited for your big day!!

    PS. I know you've already registered...but where have you registered?

  15. lovely blog.

  16. I love this! Your bridesmaids are so cute! I love your goals too. The snail mail one is such a good idea. Seriously, EVERYONE loves getting that stuff! I check our mailbox all the time for it, and all that's usually in there are coupons and catalogues that I just throw away haha. And THIS YEAR IS YOUR WEDDING YEAR!!! Omgsh, I am so excited for you! I'm sure you guys are just dying with excitement too! :) I have really really missed your blog during my holiday "break." Can't wait to catch up! :)

  17. I also have the snail mail goal!!! I know I always appreciate a handwritten note and it's such a lost art these days - love that goal :)

    Pearls & Paws


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