Thursday, December 20, 2012

Oh this week...

"Ma'am, can you ask your small child to kick me in the back just one more time? I haven't quite gotten enough of that yet...." .............. said the sarcastic jerk in my head as I TRIED to enjoy my little brother's Freshman Winter Concert.

I mean honestly, was it my dress covered in pony's that made me look like I could use a good beating? I physically hurt after this concert, but nonetheless I tried enjoying it. My brother rocked out those drums through quite a few songs. It was definitely weird being back in my High School! Its been YEARS. So Caleb and I decided to have some fun with it!

The concert was really great and we are all so proud of Brandon!

Some random dude, my grandpa, Brandon, and my grandma with her cute santa pin. ;)
Our cute flower girl (my cousin), Maddie. She loved watching Brandon all night.
No amount of B&W could fix the greasy mess that I call my hair.
So, as most of you know (who follow me on IG-twitter), Caleb picked me up from work on Monday and had his GPS out and was acting super suspicious. I asked him why we weren't headed home and he just kept shaking his head. This is where we ended up... as he jokes "if I'm not back in 7 minutes, call the cops"... Ha! A funny one, he is.

I have to say, I love it when he surprises me... like TRULY surprises me. He used to do the whole "I have a surprise for you!" and then it was halfway spoiled because I knew something was coming. So when he walked out, and handed me this...

I about died. I mean, the man got us FREE advanced screening passes of my all time favorite story. I have to say, I am a lucky gal. The building turned out to be a local radio stations and not some pedophile hot-spot.

Needless to say, the movie was INCREDIBLE. Or shall I call it a musical? 94% of the movie was in song... even every day conversations. It was hilarious, after we left the screening, we were walking out and I spotted a man in mustard-yellow pants and said "LOOK! Babe!! Your worst nightmare!" and he came right back and pointed at some teenage girl wearing leggings as pants and said "OH LOOK! YOUR worst nightmare!" ;) we call each other cool sometimes.

But oh my WORD...the movie, it was wonderful. I laughed a little, smiled a lot, and cried a ton. Caleb honestly hated it... because he's not a musical guy... but what he said to me after I gave him the hardest time, just made me just fall in love with him all over again...

"I may have hated it Kayla, but watching you watch it was the best part of all."


  1. YOU are just so cute! so glad you got to go see the movie! i don't know if I will like it. but yes, surprises are the very best. I need my husband to read this post...

  2. Aww- Brandon is looking so grown up! It's crazy how much he's changed since I met you both! That's a good pic of him with Nanny & Buddy ;) Andd Maddie is adorable, as always! Reminds me- I miss Heather, we need to get together with her sometime soon!!

  3. Um. The flower girl is the most precious girl i've ever seen. And that SO IRONIC that you went to see your brother play at your old high school. I JUST did that with my sister (she plays clarinet) it is a VERRRRY strange feeling! :) Glad you and your fiance had fun with it though!!

  4. Such a great surprise! That guy is a keeper, especially after reading what he said to you afterwards! So sweet! Can't wait to see the movie myself! Oh, and I love the pony dress!

  5. Aw Kayla!!!!!! That was seriously the best surprise EVER. So funny that he hated it...but so awesome that he took you!!! ahhh...can't wait to see it.

    Your cousin Maddie is so cute. Goodness!!! She's going to be the cutest flower girl ever.

  6. What a sweetheart to sit with you though it!!! Sounds like a keeper =)

  7. What a sweet surprise! That was so thoughtful of him :) Tell me how you like it...I am so excited for it!,

  8. I'm definitely jealous you already got to see it- I can't wait until it comes out! Just a couple days now :) I'm a new blogger and I've been reading through yours- love it!


  9. Aww how sweet, hold onto him ;) Cute blog by the way, so glad I stopped by! :)

  10. Awww!!! I'm glad that you enjoyed the movie! xoxo

  11. love these pictures!! love that you got a surprise date night!! xoxo

  12. SO JEALOUSSSS! I could literally sing you the entire movie. I know every single word of the soundtrack! I dreamed a dream? That's my ugly cry alone in the bathroom go to song hahaha but Red and Black has always been my all time favorite! Wish we could have seen this together!

  13. Aww how precious!! He sounds like an amazing man.

  14. Ohhh Les Miserables...i've got to go see that!!!....and read the book! =)


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