Thursday, November 8, 2012

dwelling on some fun

Caleb and I have been together since August of 2009, and I gotta say...its been a pretty darn great journey so far. I was just thinking about what to do for our next upcoming date night... and my mind went to all of the random/fun/hilarious date nights we've pulled together in our past. Which one of these few was my favorite??

Like the time we drove around at college and found a random apple tree field with one lone horse who felt like a photoshoot as much as we did?
Or like the time we drove around with friends and stumbled upon a random corn field made of stone?
Or the time we scored free popcorn vouchers at the showing of a SWEET movie?!
But I couldn't forget about that amazing carnival. That night was amazing. I mean, we blew our money on silly games, bought insanely deep fried food (which is the best kind, in my opinion), and caleb overcame his fear of ferris wheels. Seriously...?
Truth is; I don't really have a favorite. They all make me happy. I just really like to reminisce on all of these! We really do the most random things together, and somehow manage to have the best time of our lives.... everytime. Don't get me wrong... every relationship has its bumps, BUT... I'm so glad we have a God that we try to center our relationship around DAILY. Its not always easy, but oh, its worth it!
Kickin it old school. Look at our crazy hair.


  1. I've never noticed how beautifully(?) blue your eyes are!!! Wow!!

    Now I know you a former dancer, but judging from Caleb's jump..I'm thinking he might have been as well :-)

  2. oh my lord this is the sweetest thing!! I love all these dates. how freaking cute.

    P.s. did you know you have word verification on? just go to settings--> posts and comments and at the bottom turn it off ;-)

  3. I love all of y'all's fun dates!! Glenn and I always laugh that the first "date" we went on {really just the first time we ate a meal together} was to the Taco Bell across from our campus. And he was exposed to my road rage. I've since tamed my driving anger and we don't eat Taco Bell anymore ~ what grown-ups we are! Haha. Cute post!

    Southern Living, Our Way ~

  4. you guys are so cute!! how fun looking back at old pictures!

  5. You are the cutest!! Love these fun photos!!! Xoxo

  6. Fun photos!!! hahaha I absolutely love the popcorn one.


  7. these pictures are SO cute....the lone horse, the cornfield made of stone. i love your positivity, and i love how you both center your relationship on Christ, by God's grace! :)

  8. Ha, that random corn field made of stone is just perfect!!! ;)
    xo TJ

  9. You guys are just so much fun. And a stone cornfield, now that is just too much!

    P.S. I'd love to see you put your own spin on one of my DIYs. So fun!

  10. There's such a thing as a cornfield made of stone? How random is that?! It looks like you and Caleb have the best times together. :)

  11. Love 'em all :) PS- what about all those awesome DOUBLE DATES you guys on?!?! ;) MUAH!

  12. How cute are you two?! I am totally terrified of Ferris Wheels so I get it!

  13. super cute couple! new follower here! :)

  14. y'all are just too cute. so glad to have found your blog. i'm a no-reply blogger due to nerve damage (long story) so i speak my comments, like now, instead. so stop by and say hello, and my email's there too.

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  16. hi, i found your blog through Jillian's. loving your blog girl, you are too funny! looking forward to following along!


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