Thursday, October 11, 2012

they day I stapled my pants

Lets start out by me saying, this just hasn't been my day. First of all, its the Cincinnati Reds LAST CHANCE to pull through, its Game 5 of the Division Series, the Giants came back from our 2-0 lead, and this is the game to make or break our future of this post-season. So needless to say, being stuck at work, seeing friends on Facebook buying $5 tickets to the Reds game........

I am not a happy camper.

Especially when I had a chance to leave work and thought to myself, "nah, I really should stay at work. There's not enough time to go home, change...AND go all the way downtown before the game. Besides, I'd want Caleb with me." **cue Caleb's text not more than 47 seconds later:

"hey babe! Guess what? My dad got tickets to the game
 from work and we're heading down, love you!"
(jaw dropped).

So you can imagine the sheer joy when I sit down this morning in my chair after talking with a co-worker, and BAM.

My pants rip. I mean, we're talking... RIPPED. Not just a piece of string came loose, no... like a good 7-8 inches of my upper INNER thigh was exposed! For the first time in my life, I truly felt like a busted can of biscuts. I mean, who else would this happen to?! Besides me!! On this day!

Truly, I am a person that can laugh at myself, so instead of freaking out. I just let loose and began to crack up. I mean, beat-red-in-the-face crack up. Luckily no one was around when it happened. So, I grabbed the tape dispenser and stapler, took them in the restroom (despite the weird looks), and went to town doing my best to stitch my poor pants back together. Now is a time when I really wish I knew how to sew!

So, here we are... many laughs and staples later...
I will NOT, however apoligize for not providing a picture. Its not a pretty site over here.

Happy Thursday, friends. Hope you are able to laugh at yourselves over something ridiculous today :)

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  1. lol :) sounds like a funny random day. so glad tomorrow is friday!!


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