Saturday, October 6, 2012

my proud moment

I wouldn't expect you to know, but I've had to sort of be a motherly figure to my brother for a while. I was at work and he called me to ask if I'd come watch him play drums at halftime for the Homecoming football game. So, my grandma and I decided we would go and cheer him on like the embarrassing women that we are :)

**she obviously didn't get the "Sarcastic smile" memo...

and this, my friends, is my brother... who is 14 by the way. and completely taller than me. I still love him :)

His little heart was beating out of his chest, he was so nervous and excited for halftime to show off his skills. He even threw in a little tossing of the stick during a solo... and call me ridiculous, but I was so incredibly happy for him in that moment. Its the coolest feeling to do something you love, and to be good enough to show it off? Brandon- you owned that performance :) So incredibly proud of you.

Today, Caleb and I are off with his brother and sister-in-law (my-almost "may as well already be"-family), to a formal Welcome Home Party for their cousin, Dillan.. who returned from Afghanistan recently (read a couple posts down to see his SURPRISE welcome home), then off to a pumpkin patch, hayride extravaganza. Once dinner time comes, we are heading over to some other cousins house for an "all things fall" dinner night.. and yes, we will be drinking cider galore. I must say, I do love pumpkin spice, but so many people forget about APPLE CIDER! It kind of pales in comparison to pumpkin anything this time of year. Hmm, I'll have to change that. Maybe find a fun apple farm? Too bad my favorite one from childhood shut down. I'll find somewhere :) 

I love adventures. What are you doing this gorgeous weekend?

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