Sunday, October 21, 2012

Here to save the world

...alright, not really. BUT, this weekend... we pretended we were ;)

See those cute little skeleton "trophies"?! The gold one that says "Best Couple" went to my soon to be SIL and BIL. Love them to pieces. I'll let their photo speak for itself... ;)

I mean, they make some pretty convincing pirates if you ask me ;)

This weekend we went to Caleb's cousins annual Halloween party! It was a blast, as usual. We had some games, dancing, eating too much, and plenty of laughter. Its a fun time, and they go ALL out on their decor. They do NOT mess around!

yes, that is a "rat" cheeseball... ha!
Chili dip with olive "spiders"

They also had lots of other decor I didn't think to snap.. chicken wire ghosts surrounded the house, decorated themed tables.. even a zombie head cut out photo op! So, we had a blast. What are you guys doing for Halloween?

Sorry for the short post, a very INTENSE Bengals vs. Steelers game is on.. and we are currently winning!!


sorry guys, that just happened. Gotta run! HAPPY SUNDAY!


  1. You two are WAY too cute. I really do love those pirates costumes, but I LOVE, LOVE your batman and robin!!

  2. ummmmm BEST halloween costumes ever! you are way too cute girlie! love it! xoxo


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