Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Favorite things!

Today, I decided to link up with miss Ashley over here!! I love her blog, so why not join her for the first time?

Some of my favorite things include;

cake batter ice cream with sprinkles. Seriously my favorite.
Nobody actually forgot about Razzles, right?!
Finding pictures from old photo-shoots I've done.
being fun with my amazing grandma (I call her nanny, always have, always will)!
celebrating my friends :)
uh.. YELLOW. hello ;)

I love thinking about my favorite things... makes me happy. What are some of your favorite things?? Be sure to stop by Ashley's blog & link up with her today!


  1. I just love cake batter ice cream too. Who knew they could make it taste so much like cake?!

  2. You are so adorable. Love that picture of you and your nanny.

    Oh. ps. Your link didn't show up on my blog. Maybe try it again? If not, don't even worry about it. Loved reading about your favorite things!!

  3. mmmm yum! i totally agree that cake batter ice cream is so amazing!!

  4. ice cream is always a favorite! such a great list!


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