Monday, August 12, 2013

Finally, a wedding picture post!

I didn't really announce this (except on twitter last night quickly!)...but this is the week its all happening.
Whats happening, you ask?
Wedding madness.

I'm talking today through entire wedding in 5 posts. All the details, surprises, emotions and all.
I know the title suggests this is "a" post - but I assure you, its actually five... woops.
Hope you'll still love me after its over.

So today, I'll be recapping the morning of my wedding.
When I woke up at my families house, I sat in bed for a good 10 was going to be the last time I'd ever do that. So many emotions hit me in that moment, but the one I remember the most? Excitement. I was about to become a wife in a few hours! So I grabbed my pre-packed bags, ceremony CD's, and hit the road to get ready at the church with all of my best friends.

That hanger up there? I can't even.
It's a birthday present I got for Erin the month before her & Jared's 2011 wedding. She cried when she opened it, and I cried when she told me she wanted me to use it...then I'm pretty sure we were just one big hot ball of happy tears when the two of us decided we'll give it to our daughters one day.

4 of my bridesmaids were already at the church before I was, hello impressive!
Two of them were already working with the stylists getting their hair done...and all their mis-matched dresses were hanging on bookshelves.
Then Erin & Marie showed up (with so. much. food!!) and they hung their dresses next to the other girls.
It was the first time I had seen all the dresses together, and I thought to myself, "Wow, I did pretty dang great."

My MOH made a Spotify playlist for the morning of that literally didn't repeat. It was that long. I love her!

Then it was time to get my hair done. I had no clue at this point what to do, since my trial run didn't go as planned. A few of my girls thought I should do the french twist, but I was hesitant. Then, my stylist  showed me a quick version of it. The shocker? I loved it, and so I ran with it.

Thankfully, one of my bridesmaids was a hairstylist as well, and she volunteered to do my flower girls hair at the last second.
That would be me taking a million pictures of my adorable flower girl.

A few minor things went wrong that morning (when doesn't it?).
The tent company didn't leave an extension cord for the lights like they were supposed too, buuut luckily one of our awesome groomsmen ran to Walmart quick to make me happy (thanks Blackie!!). Then, once the lights were actually plugged in, we noticed 3 of them were out.
At that point I thought hey, if that's the worst thing that can happen today...we're in darn good shape.

& I continued to be happy...

I hired a professional from BrideFace to do my make up...and one Bridesmaid and also my grandma decided to get theirs done as well.

& no, I didn't hire a Gap model as my flower girl...that is my BEAUTIFUL little cousin.

As the morning went girls force fed me to keep the jitters and headaches (that I too often get) away. I couldn't believe how fast time flew by...and seriously, it was probably the most fun morning of my life. The happiness was all over everyone's faces...especially mine. I couldn't wait to be a wife!

Then came time to finally get some make up on my bare face.

All of my girls came out to watch, and just as the make up lady started to put foundation on my face...Caleb's brother (and also best man), Jared walked into the room.
I have to say, it kind of freaked me out at first because if you haven't noticed by now...Caleb and Jared are 3 years apart, but look like identical twins, sometimes. Makes it hard on Erin & I ;)
...and since Caleb and I weren't doing a "first look", I had to do a double take. Thankfully, it was just Jared...bearing a sweet surprise from my groom.

Let me start out by telling you Caleb's "day of" presents came to me in 3 amazing surprises.
This was the first of them.

That drink, my kiiiind of a drink that brought Caleb and I together. It is what we started our relationship on. I know it sounds silly (cause its a Taco Bell Fruitista), but seriously? This small surprise brought me to absolute tears. That he could remember something so insignificant, and make it part of the biggest day of our lives...just made my heart so happy.

Open the floodgates...

I don't even care how absolutely DISGUSTING I look in this...half my face smeared with foundation...eyes full of tears. I just can't believe how much emotion was on my face.
Enter: hot mess as I read his note.

& finally, I was able to hold back the tears...and let Stacey finish my make up.

Deciding on if I wanted lower eye liner ...I said YES.

Then, the flowers arrived...right at one on the dot. I can't even tell you how beautiful they were! Straight out of a magazine.

That shot up there is so me. I know, I look like a crazy, but I was just SO excited, and having that dress on in front of everyone, finally...was just so surreal!
Yeah, you're seeing that right. Yellow wedding shoes. 
Once those perfect, yellow shoes were was almost time. All my girls were taking pictures, and just enjoying the moment with me.

And if I haven't made it clear enough, our photographers rocked the freaking house on our big day.
The emotion they caught in all of my bridesmaids just makes my heart happy.

Then, Erin helped me with my garter. How appropriate ;)

Then my pastor and his wife came in, and they prayed for all of us and over the whole day. It was JUST what I needed before walking down the aisle.

Then, the sweet church coordinator wanted a quick picture of us, she was so darn sweet.

This morning was one of the best of my life. Hand down.
It was an emotional, happy, exciting morning full of surprises and laughter. I still can't believe how quickly it flew by, when I look back on it.

It was fantastic having all of my best friends there with me to celebrate the new life I was about to enter into. It was so fun dancing with them like crazies, singing along with the playlist, reciting lines to our favorite movies, hugging, crying, laughing, drinking one too many cans of mountain dew (thanks, Erin!) and just enjoying the moment together.
So many happy feelings that I'll never forget because of these amazing shots.

Stick around tomorrow for the ceremony!


  1. Everything was just PERFECT about that morning :) Love you so so darn much Mrs. Magness!!!

  2. I love how much you're laughing in all of these pictures! That's what a wedding morning should be like :-) Loved the photos and excited for the remaining 4 posts!

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  7. Oh wow. Such pretty pictures. I love that moment where you were reading the note from your then, husband-to-be!
    I've been stalking your blog for quite a while now (thanks to Erin!) and you are the cutest! Love how happy you always are =)

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    I know it's been three months now, but holy crap you're a MRS.!

  10. Oh my LAWD, you are such a beautiful bride!!! That dress, that hair, it all just enhanced your natural bride-y beauty! I can't wait to read these other wedding posts. It has been so fun to "read" through this journey with you...can't believe you've already been married a few months!

  11. Kayla, these are all just so perfect!! You and all your girls are stunning! I cannot wait to see the rest of them and relive all the special moments with you!! And, how can I find this incredible wedding day playlist on Spotify?! My best friend's is in 3 weeks...and this is an awesome idea to set the mood for the day!!


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    Love you love youuuuuu.

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    Can't wait for the rest of the posts! :)

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  27. Aww, this brought tears to my eyes! Isn't it just the little things on that day? Our children's pastor brought in bags of candy for the kids if they walked down the aisle. Such a sweet and thoughtful thing to do for us. (Ok, I know that was really random...) Moving on!!

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